Hello everyone, My name is Tianlein and welcome to my Addon Showcase for the Elder Scrolls Online Dolugbon released his new lazy Set Crafter Addon and since i love his Lazy Writ Crafter Addon i had to test his new addon immediatly out In my test craftings it worked like a charme and i really like it So i had to create a Video and show you this new useful Addon which can automaticlly craft and improve for you your armor and weapon sets.

Also Dolugbon plans to implement more features like a crafting requirement calculator and a mail to player option To open the Lazy Set Crafter Window we have different options One way is to set a keybinding in your control menu Then you can type a commend into your chat /dsc or /Dlsc or /setcrafter Or you can simply visit any equipment crafting station The interface of this Addon is straight forward On the top you can decide and activate which armor part or weapon part you want to craft On the top right you can decide if you want heavy, medium or light armor Then we can decide which level or cp, style, armor trait, set, weapon trait and quality we want After you are done with your settings just click add to queue and you will see at the bottom a list which contains all your orders If something is not correct or you changed your mind you can anytime remove it from the list or even clear the complete list.

When you are happy with your decision you have to travel to the specific set crafting station If you approach the set crafting station it will automaticlly start to craft and improve the item to your set improvement level Of course you have to visit each of the crafting stations if you have choosen different armor types And then we are already done Dolugbon`s Lazy Set Crafter Addon is a really great addon for a crafter Since i craft often for other people sets this addon will be a great help for me Instead of writing all crafting wishes down i can direct place all orders into the Lazy Set Crafter Window and go then to the set crafting stations when i have time.

What do you think about Dolugbons newest Addon? Will you use it? Hopefully you enjoyed my video and it would be amazing if you subscribe, like or leave me a comment Have a nice day and until next time Tschüss!.

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