Hello everyone and welcome to my top everyday addons video 2017 for the elder scrolls online Some Addons are maybe only for special occasions and others Addons are overall a great additon for your gaming experience As always i try to make this overview as compact and fast as possible If you look for a specfic addon you can take a look in the description To install easy and fast Addons i recommend to use Minion which i will link in the description Also you can find a Video how to install and use Minion if you need help with this topic So let`s get started and i hope you will enjoy the video Advanced Filters is in my opinion a must have addon.

This Addon will improve the interface of your Main inventory, personal bank, guild bank, guild store, vendors and craft bag It also will give you extra subfilters to find exactly what you’re looking for That sounds all not much but it is so much easier to search stuff in your bank or inventory with all this handy filters and i am really happy with this addon AwesomeGuildStore adds to the guild store interface many usefull things For example subfilter catogories similar to the Advanced Filter Addon Then you get range sliders for level, price and quality filers Also you have text search to filter your current page and many more features This great addon improves the trader interface a lot and i would recommend everyone who wants to buy or sell things via the guild traders to use AwesomeGuildStore AI Research Grid is a really handy Addon which i use a lot This addon allows you to have all the time access to the trait and style knowledge of all your characters To open or close the AI Research grid you can create your own keybinding or use the command /airg It shows you the research timers for your current Trait researches for Blacksmithing, Woodworking and Clothing All Traits with marked with an X you still have to research, green check marks mean that you already research this trait and the hourglass means that you research at the moment this trait You can hover over the hourglass and you will see how much research time is left At the top right you can any time switch between all your characters And at the bottem you have an overview about all the styles and which motif chapters all your characters know CookeryWiz is my favourite Addon for Provsisioning.

It is a great cooking tool and provides you with a list of all available recipes You have many search filters, like text search or by quality or level And you can mark dishes as favourites You can see see what recipes each of your characters knows and even better you can share this information with other friends who use cookerywiz too Like that it is easy to share your extra recipes with your friends Also you get an icon next to the recipes in your inventory, bank and guild store where you can see who of your characters or friends does need to learn the cooking recipe.

And CookeryWiz can help you with your Daily Provisiniong Crafting Writs When you pick up the Provsioning Writ from the notice board the order will get placed in cookerywiz When you approach then a cooking station you just have to press cook and you are done Overall a helpful tool which i use every day for my daily writs or when i have to prepare meals or drinks for my own characters and for friends Crafted Potions is a small but really useful Addon Often the default potions look all the same and you have to read the description to see which potions did you craft Here the Crafted Potions addon will help you and color the potions for you If the potions are crafted and have one bonus they will be green, with two bonuses they will be blue and with 3 bonuses they will be purple I like this addon a lot since i can direct and easily identify by color which are my crafted potions The next addon is Destinations which shows you various points of interests on your Map.

For example wayshrines, public Dungeons, Mundus Stones, Dolmens, Group Bosses, Group Dungeons, Quest Hubs, Crafting Locations, Solo Dungeons, Group Events, Group Delves,Trials,werwolf and vampire shrines and many more things In the Addon options or direct at the Map Filter options you can customize what you want to see on your map and compass To Save and switch easily Skills and Gear Sets i can recommend you the Addon Dressing Room You have to install also the DressingRoom Update 13 Ability Fixup Tool To use this addon fix, simply type the /fixdr command into your chat You need to do this only once per character.

For me Dressing Room works really good and it is easy to understand When you want to save your Armor you have to Shift click the shield sign To save your current skill bars youve to shift click this small sword icon At the top field you can write your description and when you hover over this field with your mouse you can see what armor, weapons and jewelry are saved You can also click on the big SET 1 button which will load then the gear and both skill bars To delete a gear or a skill bar you have to controll + click on the shield or sword icon So when you have go change often gear or skills for pve, pvp, dungeons or trials dressing room will be handy for you Now i will show you one of my favourite Addons Dolugbon`s Lazy Writ Crafter looks so simple but does an amazing job Of course this addons is only interesting for you if you do your daily crafting writs and master crafting writs Dolugbons`s Lazy Writ Crafter will help to speed up and automate the daily crafting wirts for you There are several options to choose in the addon properties.

For example you can decide which style materials it shoud use By default it will use the common styles Also you can activate that it grabs the writs from the notice board and that it automaticly crafts when you use a crafting station Then can skip the dialog when you drop of the daily writ goods When you turn on the autoloot feature the Addon will open the reward containers for you Dolugbon`s Lazy Writ Crafter can help you with the daily writs and Master Crafting Writs from Woodworking, Clothing, Blacksmithing and Enchanting Since i have at the moment 4 characters this addon helps me a lot to get my daily crafting writs fast and easy done Furniture Catalogue is at the moment in beta but i use it already for a while and it works most of the time pretty well This addon will provide with an extra window where you can take a look what furniture plans your characters know You have serveral search filter like crafting type, quality, character.

Then you have and overview about all furniture and which materials you need to craft Additionaly this addon can show you where you can find purchasable furniture and how much they cost Most important for me is the tooltip on on the furniture plan so i can easily see if my furniture crafter knows this plan already or not Keep in mind that this addon is still in beta, but give it a try as it seems really promissing and helpful The next addon is about Furniture too FurniturePreview does what its name alreadys says: you can preview with one click furniture and furniture plans This works in trading windows, inventory, mail window, guild trader, merchants or the bank When you see this magnifying glass and left click you will see in the background a preview of the furniture piece Achievement and some rare furnitures cant be previewed I like this addon a lot since i prefer to take a look on the furniture plan before i buy it.

GroupLootNotifier can be really handy if you try to farm with a group a specific set This Addon will display in the chat window what items you and your group memebers looted It will only show notable items like set items of any color quality and any item of purple quality or better Also it will display motifs, recipes or treasure maps I only activate this addon if i try to farm with friends Sets and this Addon is for that situation really nice Harven`s Trait and Style is a small useful Addon It will add to the armor and weapon tooltip Information about the Style and Trait of the item Also you can display on the tooltip if an item is researchable for a character In the addon options you can turn off or on alt characters My main reason for this Addon is that i want to know the what Style the Armor and Weapon pieces have HarvestMap displays resources nodes, chests and fishing spots on your map and compass.

There are various options you can tweak and you can even have 3d pins The icons will show up after you picked the nodes up and you can even import other players data In case you don`t want to see specific nodes you can turn them in the options off This addon is really handy if you want to farm materials and you wish to easily see where are the specifc nodes on your map Itemization Browser is a good addon if you want to have ingame and overview of all item sets available in Tamriel If you want to know what a specific Set does or where you can acquire it this addon is really useful The easiest way to access the Addon is to set a shorcut in your keybinding menu Otherwise you can open it with the command /itembrowser in the chat window It will open an extra window where you have an overview about crafted, overland, cyrodiil, dungeons, trials, bind on on equip and bind on pickup Sets.

You various filter options like specific set, type, bonus,dungeon and you have even a text search Then i use Lui Extended It is a huge addon but you can customize it to your needs This addon can show your and target buffs and debuffs, cooldowns, combat text, damage meter change the look of your, enemy and group unit frames and many more things Personaly i use it for the long term buffs which i placed on the top left of my screen, then the buffs and debuffs which you can move freely around on the screen too And the combat text and damage meter As you can see the there are 4 parts in the addon options for Lui Extended with million of things what you can tweak and change to your wishes You can change and customize the look of your user interface a lot Lootdrop is not a necessary addon for everyone.

Since i play the most of the time with a controller i got annoyed by the ingame options which shows the loot at the chat window position The LootDrop frame is movable so i could place it on the bottem right of the screen Beside of loot this addon also displays other things like XP, Inspiriation, Alliance Points and Tel Var Stones In the Addon options menu you can customize Lootdrop for your needs Most people probably know aleady Lorebooks but since it is such a useful addon it has to be on the list If you want to gather fast the Lorebooks from the Mages Guild you really need this addon Lorebooks will add pins on your map and compass for all collectable books in the elderscrolls online This works for Lorebooks and the Eidetic Memory collection In the addon options you can for example change the map icon and size Also you can decide what books you want to show on your map and compass Lost Treasure is one of my must have addons and i would everyone recommend to use it.

I still remember when i started to play the Elderscrolls Online and i got my first treasure map I was looking at the picture and tried to find out where is that location After running around for a while i decided to search the postion online So i had to tab out all the time and look where i have to go I was so happy when i found the Lost Treasure Addon which will mark survey and treasue map locations on your map and compass with an X.

In addon options you can customize the icon look and size and you can turn off or on survey or treasure locations Master Merchant is a really heavy addon for your PC But if you want ot be a serious trader in Tamriel you should consider to get this Addon It will help you to find the right prices for your goods Since Master Merchant takes the prices from the guilds you are a member in it can be that you will not have a price for every item If you miss a price you can ask in your guild if maybe someone else has a Master Merchant price This Addon has a lot of options you can customize Options you should maybe consider are :Ignore outlier Prizes and autoadvance to next page If you have login problems you should consider to limit the history size and delay the initialization Master Merchant not only provides you with pricing tooltips it has an overview about all your sales in every guild, your sale rank in your guilds and how much taxes you had to pay.

You can see every item you sold, the buyer, which guild and the time you sold it With the Reset button you can clear your Master Merchant history and it will get from the server fresh data This you should consider to do frequently since the prices can change fast in Tamriel Multicraft is a great small useful addon if you want to craft or refine big amounts of materials This addon adds a spinner to all crafting professions and allows you to craft as many items as you can create with only one click instead of having to click each time you want to craft an item At crafting Station, use – or + buttons or mousewheel or simply type the quantity you want to craft Hold Ctrl, Alt or Shift to jump 10 by 10 to go even quicker Then click refine or craft and wait that the crafting job is done.

A really small Addon but makes your life so much easier Potion Maker is a super addon for Alchemy It will provide you with an extra interface for Potions and Poisons You can look for specific traits and ingredients or filter for daily writ quests You can create your own Favourite list for potions and poisons you want to craft frequently Potion Maker is also a good help if you want to discover all Alchemy traits I use this addon already for a long time and im pretty happy with it Research Assistant adds little icons to your inventory list.

Next to your weapons and armor wou will see a orange icon if you still need to research this trait A yellow icon will appear if you have already an item with the same trait in your inventory You will also get extra icons for intricate and ornate items Research Assistant is marked as outdated but for me it works still without problem Next we talk about the Addon Skyshards This nice addon will place Skyshard pins on your map Sounds like a small change but makes your life a lot easier In the addon options you can choose what icon and icon size you want and that the pin gets displayed on the compass Recap on the skill panel let you choose between basic, detail and advanced At your skill overview you can see with basic just how many skyshards you need to get a skillpoint Detailed shows how many skyshards you collected from the 381.

Skyshards in the world And Advanced combines basic and detailed TiEmote Extended is not really a must have addon But if you are like me and you forget all the time the emote commends you can use this small addon As you can see it is just a long list of emotes With left click you can activate it and with right click the emote will be placed to your favourite emote group Also you can activate that you can use your favourite emotes via a key and the addon will pick randomly a emote from your favourite list No, thank you! is a nice addon which let you silent and redirect different messages and notifications.

I was looking for a tool to block the Messages from Cyrodill and this addon does a great job As you can see there are many options what you can change like guild notifications, or block different dialogs There are a lot of options what you can turn of and on or redirect to the chat or as notification You can find a compact description on the esoui page of the NO Thank you addon and see if this addon is intersting for you In general if you are looking to block some notificaton ingame this addon can probably help you.

Last but not least we have two Addons from Wykkyd Wykkyd Toolbar and Wykkyd Enhanced Hud The Toolbar adds to your game a customizable and movable Toolbar You can display your Clock, Ping, FPS, Alliance Points, Gold, Bag Space, Soul Gems ,Horse Timer, Research Timers, Level, Experience, Werewolf and Vampire experience bar, Character Name, Class and Race In the options you can use the mimic option to mimic another characters settings for this addon Wykkyd Enhanced Hud gives you some options to change the look and position of your health, magicka, stamina and the enemy bar You can switch the font, colors and you can decide if you want to see by numbers and percentages how much ressources you have left Again you have the opportunity to mimic your settings to another character.

If you want to use the same layout You can probably find similar Addons but i use the Wykked Toolbar and Enhanced Hud already more than a year and im happy with them There are for sure many more great Addons which i still have to discover Maybe you use some Addon which i should try out? Also i wanted to thank all Addon creators for their hard work over all this years Hopefully you enjoyed my top everyday Addon List for 2017 and found maybe some new Addons you want to try It would be awesome if you subscribe like or leave me a comment Have a good day and until next time Tschüß!

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