Easy beginner werewolf tank build. You can 1 vs 4 non-cp pre level 50. Without CP for other playstyles werewolf would dominate this game. You only need 1 bar as well making it simpler. Skills: Heroic slash, volitale armor, dragons blood, igneous weapons for major brutally/sorcery, and piece armor for taunt lower resists though you can switch out for reflective scales in PvP. I use high Elf for appearance but magicka passives work well with the build however other races may be better but any work. Gear: 5 piece Lich set or Warlock vestments. Warlock vestment is burst while lich sustain but both work well but personally prefer warlock because if you are getting hit hard and need the heals sustain wont do much.

Other 5 piece is Ebony armory for health aura/more survivability. With Ebony you support allied defensively and with molten weapons offensively as well among other procs most minor type things classes have. Plague doctor set is nice if in mood for more selfish playstyle and means you can put a few more points into stamina instead or enchant. I reccomend 40k health but 35k possibly if one lacks 20k magicka and at minimum 21k stamina. Between all weapon damage buffs/warrior stone/werewolf passives /hicines rage heal, you will have ok damage with over 30k resists in Werewolf.

I personally prefer Berserker morph to pack leader since heavy attack no longer increases timer on werewolf as pack leader. I prefer berserker for more bleed damage but either morph works.You are the Alpha Werewolf and you are the first one to decide to engage/attack almost everytime. You buff and support allies giving them real or fake confidence to push and conquer. You are ruthless to enemies yet caring for your pack and you are a demi-god of non-CP and go to sleep in dungeons and they say completed :P. This build is just incredibly simple and you can do anything with it outside trials if going werewolf because you will lose taunt eventually.

It is a 1 bar only/no weapon switch needed, it is a very simple build and if you are around 20-30’s in level with rank 10 werewolf you will be almost immortal. You rule pre 50 battlegrounds, dungeons/vet if do that later as well.You still are strong in CP but shines non-cp Greater as well.56 in master at arms, piercing, ironclad, and thick skinned are must in my opinion. Can put rest in blue CP tree into mighty and some thurmaturge. Simple build which guarantees damage and tankiness. You wont 4 shot anyone probably but you ravage them with light attacks/fears/cc and amazing self sustain. For how simple it is it is one of the strongest builds ingame and pre-50 it is the strongest build ingame.Past 50 and with CP pvp you will get *** up tsometimes.But if you are looking For strongest build ingame pre-50 then werewolf with 40k health and warlock /lich ebon/plague doctor wins out easily.

Even if defiled no person can burst you pre-50 and will take 4 players to kill you 3 if they are really strong but doubtful. If new to the game and want a good starting werewolf build I highly reccomend 7 heavy and all stats health with stamina food buff but even better is stamina/health if can get from cyrodill or a friend recipe/find. Again this is not near probably or the best build ingame past 50 and high CP but it is the strongest build and character pre-50/no-Cp.Enjoy the Alpha werewolf who buffs allies a bit and is annoying to kill and does decent damage. I imagine other tank werewolfs exist this just is what I found to be fun, simple and beginner friendly. Safe leveling and a smooth ride till 50 with CP where some at that point can and will *** you up but you will be annoying and have ok damage but not incredible.


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