Hello everyone, my name is Tianlein and today we talk about all things related to the Provisioning Crafting Skill Line in the Elder scrolls Online I will explain for what Provisioning is useful, show the skill line in depth, where you can gather recipes and ingredients, where you can find a cooking station and how you can level up your Provisioning Skill Line If you are only interested in a specific topic please take a look in the description So why should you think about to level up the Provisioning crafting skill? Provisioning allows you to create useful meals and drinks which increase your Health, Magicka, Stamina, Magicka and Stamina Regeneration or other useful bonuses for a set amount of time.

Especially if you are interested in playing dungeons, trials or PVP you want to be prepared and have your own food or drinks But in general it makes your adventures in Tamriel a lot easier if you don’t miss this bonuses When you dont want to invest so many Skillpoints, or you dont want to collect and store all ingredients you can also buy from guild traders your food and drinks You can’t use food and drinks at the same time, since they do not stack But you can use food or drinks at the same time with a experience potion Now we take a closer look at the Skill Line Recipe Quality will allow you to create green, blue, purple and legendary recipes Recipe Improvement allows the making of up to level 19,29,39,49, Champion 50 and Champion 150 recipes Gourmand is a really useful skill It will add 5,10 and 20 minutes to the duration of any eaten food Connoisseur is also a skill which is good to have.

It will add 5,10 and 20 minutes to the duration of any consumed drink that works also for crafted xp potions If you plan to cook regulary for your Characters you should invest in the Chef and Brewer Skills For every dish or drink you make you will create 1,2 and 3 extra servings without spending additional ingredients The Hireling will find for you ingredients every 24 hours which you will receive via mail With 2 skill points invested you will have a higher chance of receiving more ingredients every 24 hours and when you invest 3 skill points you can receive every 12 hours a hireling mail Before we are able to start to cook our first meal we have to find and learn cooking recipes I believe at the moment you can collect up to 563 different recipes.

At the start you can only cook meals with recipes between level 1 to 19 But if you increase your Provisioning Skill Line and invest into recipe improvement you will be able to cook higher recipes too You can find recipes as random drops in containers such as Cupboards and Chests If you have some gold you can buy from guild traders recipes too And for completing the daily Provisioning Writs you will recieve a random recipe depending on your recipe improvement knowledge Don’t forget that you can buy the needed recipes for the crafting writs from the chef and brewer in any pub in Tamriel.

After you obtained your first recipes you need to gather the needed ingredients In general provisioning ingredients can be found by searching barrels, baskets and crates in Tamriel Meat can be gatherd from various creatures throughout the world For example from elk, deer, rabbits, goats, chicken and many more animals which you can hunt in any overland zone Grocers also sell ingredients, but have a limited selection and are also not cheap If you have some gold you can choose the faster solution and purchase ingredients from the guild traders But if you take your time and just play the game you will acquire over time a lot of ingredients If you want to start to cook you have to visit a cooking station The Provisioning skill line is granted when you visit a cooking station the first time You find cooking stations in many cities in Tamriel.

But i will show you now some example cooking places in the starter zones In Davons Watch in Stonefalls you can visit the The Watch House and The Fish Stink Inn In Daggerfall in Glenumbra you find a cooking fire near the trademan’s square And In Vulkhel Guard in Auridon you can visit the Salted Wings Tavern to find a cooking place In general you can find a cooking fire in camps, cities and inside houses everywhere in Tamriel and they are easy accessible Also you are able obtain a cooking fire for your house.

You need 35 Master writs Vouchers to be able to purchase from the Master Mediator Rolis your personal cooking station Or if you have the coin you can buy with gold from the guild trader your personal cooking station for your home I believe you have to invest around 35 000 gold for a crafting station But keep in mind that the market prices change all the time Alternatively you can buy for 2400 crowns a cooking station for your house Next we talk about how you can level up your Provisioning Skill Line When you learned some recipes and gathererd the needed ingredients.

You can start to cook meals and drinks at a cooking fire Just by cooking you will earn Inspiration which will increase your Provsioning Skill line You can also increase your skill line by learning recipes, doing daily crafting writs and master crafting writs And sometimes you can find books which increase your skill line too If you reached Level 50 you reached the maximum level for the Provisioning Skill Line In case you obtained already Champion Points you can increase your Inspiration gain You have to invest 30 Champion Points into the Tower to unlock a 20% Inspiration boost.

That will allow you to earn more Inspiration and level up faster all crafting skill lines Also i would recommend you to take the time to do the daily crafting writs which not only reward you with Inspiration, but give you also gold, useful materials and also cooking recipes Keep in mind that you need a lot of storage space to store all the available cooking ingredients If you have ESO plus you will not have any problem since all ingredients get direct stored into your craft bag.

Otherwise don’t forget you increase your inventory and bank space, obtain storage chests and if you still need more space you can use extracharacters to use their inventory as storage space In case you play on PC i would like to recommend you the Addon CookeryWiz CookeryWiz is a super helpful and an easy to use Addon which will allow you to see every recipe available in the game You can see what recipes your characters have and do not have and you can share this information with other CookeryWiz users too It allows you to browse all recipes at any time and it displays and calculates how many ingredients you have to use to cook and many more useful things You can find the Addon link in the Video description.

Every Crafting Station in the Elder Scrolls online allows you to craft your own furnishings too If you found and learned some Furniture Design Plans you can create beside of food and drinks, also your own furniture at a Cooking Station Visit any Cooking Fire and at the top right you can switch to the furnishings tab Depending on the item you want to build you need to know multiple crafting skill line passives and obtain many different materials.

To be able to craft Furniture Designs you need Decorative Wax and other materials. You can find Decorative Wax by looting barrels, baskets, urns, crates, cabinets, etc. Hopefully you enjoyed my overview of the Provisioning Skill in the Elder Scrolls Online Thanks for watching and it would be awesome if you subscribe, like or leave me a comment Have a good day and until next time Tschüss!.

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