Hello everyone and welcome, My name is Tianlein and today i show you how you can boost your Experience Gain in the Elder Scrolls Online There are multiple ways how you can increase your Experience Gain and some even stack with each other First i would recommend you to wear Gear with the Training trait on as many pieces as possible If you wear Armor with the Training Trait it will increase your experience gained from kills by 7 to 11 % depending on the Gear Improvement Level Normal Gear gives you a 7% Bonus Fine gives you a 8% Bonus Superior increases your gained XP by 9 % Epic gives you a 10% Bonus and Legendary increases the XP by 11 % Also you can have the Training trait on Weapons too The Bonus is slightly different than the armor XP Bonus Normal One handed weapons will give you a 2.5% bonus Normal Two handed weapons will increase your XP by 5% Fine one handed weapons will give you a 3% bonus Fine 2 Handed weapons give you a 6% bonus Superior gives you a 3,5% bonus for one handed weapons and a 7% bonus for two handed Weapons Epic increases for one handed weapons the bonus by 4% and for two handed weapons by 8% Legendary one handed weapons will give you a 4,5% bonus and a 9% Bonus for legendary two handed weapons So as an example if you wear 7 epic quality armor pieces with the Training trait on you will gain 70% more Experience Additionally if you wear for example an epic Staff or two epic daggers you will get 8% Bonus Experience That means in total you could earn 78% Bonus experience with epic quality gear from kills just by equipping Gear with the Training Trait Then i would recommend you to Level up with a friend since you can get Bonus Experience for that too.

I believe you can get 10% Bonus Experience if you are in a group with just 1 other person but i’m not so sure about the exact number And besides the Group XP Bonus, 2 people are also faster at killing enemies than just 1, so that will increase your gained Experience per hour too Then you could think about marrying another player in ESO The pledge of Mara Costs 1000 crowns At a Shrine of Mara you can then have your eso marriage Each of you 2 have to wear your rings gained from the marriage ceremony while you are adventuring together to earn the 10% more experience buff Also as far as i know you can marry more than one player if you like too For being an ESO plus Member you will get an extra 10% Experience Bonus which stacks with the other Experience Boosters Just with epic gear with the training trait, playing with a friend who you’ve married in the same group and being a ESO+ Member you will already earn 108% Bonus Experience Now you can add to this Bonus special Experience Boosting Drinks since they stack with each other The Psijic Ambrosia gives you for 30min a 50% Experience Bonus The Aetherial Ambrosia gives you for 30 minutes a 100% Experience Bonus And the Mythic Aetherial Ambrosia increases for 30 Minutes your Experience by 150% It is important to know that if you have your Provisioning Passive Skill Connoisseur on Rank three you will add 20 minutes to the Duration of your drinks.

This will affect your Ambrosias too and you can extend their duration up to 50 Minutes All three Ambrosias are craftable but the Aetherial Ambrosia and the Mythic Aetherial Ambrosia are more expensive since you need some rare Ingredients to craft them and the recipes are expensive too If you don’t want to craft them you can purchase the Ambrosias at the Guild Stores too Also you can take a look at the Crown Store Here you can buy Crown Experience Scrolls One Crown Experience Scroll costs 300 Crowns Or you buy the Crown experience scroll pack for 1000 crowns which includes five Experience Scrolls These Experience Scrolls increase your Experience gained by 50% for 2 Hours Additionally there are special Crown Crate Experience Scrolls available You have the chance to obtain them when you purchase and open crown crates You can also buy them with Crown Gems The Major Crown Crate Experience Scrolls cost 40 Crown Gems and give you 100% Bonus Experience for one hour For 100 crown gems you can purchase the Grand Crown Crate Experience Scrolls which increases for one hour your gained experience by 150%.

The Ambrosias and the Experience Scrolls don’t stack with each other But as mentioned before the Ambrosia or the Experience Scroll stack with the Training Gear, the Group Bonus, ESO+ Bonus and the marriage bonus In Cyrodiil you can also get a Keep bonus which increases your gained experience, alliance points and gold from kills by 5% up to 15% This depends on how many Keeps are under your alliances control I think this bonus works in the Imperial City too, but i’m not sure about that After you have reached Level 50 you start to collect Champion Points Every 24 Hours you will get the Enlightenment Bonus which will allow you to collect one Champion point with 100 000 Experience Points instead of 400 000 Experience Points The Enlightenment Bonus timer resets every 24 Hours and if you end up not using all your Enlightenment while you play, it will continue to stack for a maximum of 12 days.

Sometimes there are special Events in ESO which can provide you with extra Experience Boost buffs which stack with the other options too For example we got for the Anniversary Event the Jubilee Cake which gave you for 2 Hours a 100% XP Boost, or for the new Life Festival you had to drink from a Keg to get a 100% Boost for 2 Hours If you want to Level up a new Character fast it is always a good idea to do that when there is a special Event in ESO Thanks for watching and i hope i answered all of your questions on how you can increase your Experience Gain in the Elder Scrolls Online It would be awesome if you subscribe, like or leave me a comment Have a nice day and until next time Tschüss!

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