Hello everyone, my name is Tianlein and today i show you how you can obtain the Coin of Illusory Riches Memento in the Elder Scrolls Online To be able to get this Memento you need to have access to the Thieves Guild DLC You have to complete the Achievement “a Cutpurse Above” to be rewarded with Coin of Illusory Riches Memento and the Master Thief Title To complete this Achievement you have to steal 16 legendary treasures from Kari`s Hit List and bring them back to the Thieves Den in Abah`s Landing Travel to Hew`s Bane and in the center of the Thieves Den you can find a book with Kari`s Hit List which will provide some clues where you have to look for the items.

Be careful not to get caught by guards since if you turn over your stolen goods these items will be taken from your inventory and placed back at the original locations We will start our thieves tour in Glenumbra in the City Daggerfall Go to the western part of the city and enter the Daggerfall Castle Raven Direnni’s Inflammable Rug is located inside a storage Chest in the southern part of the Castle Now we go to Stormhaven In Wayrest you have to visit the Mages Guild When you enter the Mages Guild hall you will find on the left hand side on a table King Farangel’s Unpublished Ode to Wayrest Next you have to travel to the city Shornhelm in Rivenspire Go to the Fighter`s Guild which is located in the south eastern part of Shornhelm Once you are inside the Fighter`s Guild you have to turn to the right and enter the next room on the right Search the Antique Chest to obtain the Princess Rayelle’s Half-Hearted Love Letters The next object is in Bangkorai You have to visit the Anchor’s Point Inn in Evermore Go upstairs and enter the bedroom on the right side There you will find on the chest of drawers the Yokeda Sesnit’s Paperweights Now you have to travel to Aliki`r Desert Visit in the city Sentinel the Sisters of the Sands Inn.

Immediately when you enter the Inn you will see the Divad Hunding’s Dribble Bowl atop the reception desk The next destination is Auridon In the eastern part of Skywatch you have to go to Sykwatch Manor Next to the Throne Room on a dresser you will find the Coronation Decanter of Prince Naemon Then you have to travel to Grahtwood Enter the Altmer Embassy which is located in the southern part of Elden Root You will find the Burial Mannequin of Calarthor Camoran inside of an Unsealed Urn in the south western part of the Embassy The next item is located in Greenshade You have to go to the city Marbruk and visit the Mages Guild On a Table at the upper floor you will find Treethane Niriel’s “Living Plant-Wear” Book set Now you have to visit Velyn Harbor in Malabal Tor In the Mages Guild you have to steal the Tuneless Harp of Fiirgarion the Bard When you enter the Mages Guild go straight across the room and you will find the harp sitting on a desk Then we have to go to Reaper`s March Go to the Mages Guild in Rawl`kha and you will find on a table the Hairball Spittoon of Darloc Brae.

The next destination is Kragenmoor in Stonefalls In the basement of the Hissing Guar Inn you have to steal the Akaviri Armistice Banquet Tray Now you have to go to the City Center in Mournhold in Deshaan Enter the City Center at the ground floor, walk past the different furnishing vendors and follow the hallway In the left corner of the bank room you have to search the Preservation Chest to find King Dumac’s Royal Latrine Cloth Roll Then you have to travel to Shadowfen In the center of Stormhold is a small Hiss Tree Next to the Tree you can collect Shaman Chirah’s Devotion Shovel The next location is Windhelm in Eastmarch Not far away from the Windhelm Wayshrine you will find the Mages Guild On the right hand side of the Guild hall you will see King Jorunn’s Automatic Cheesewheel Vivisector.

Now we have to travel to the Rift In Riften you have to go to the Fighters Guild Upstairs on a dresser you can pick up Ysgramor’s Sload-Skin Wine Sack The last destinaton of our stealing tour is Abah`s Landing in Hew`s Bane You have to go to the Bank of Abah`s Landing when you enter the Bank you will find on the left hand side Prince Hubalajad`s Trash Urn After you collected all 16 items you have return to the Thieves Den in Hew`s Bane Go to the Center of the Thieves Den and place each treasure from Kari`s hit list on the golden glowing locations when you place the last item you will complete the cutpurse above achievement and the Coin of Illusory Riches will be added to your memento collection Also you will earn the Master Thief Title.

I am not sure if this memento is in general a bit buggy or it does just not work correct for me As far as i know you should get a rain of coins and the coins should land on the ground and stay visible for some time. For me the coins on the ground were never visible and i only see the coins falling down if i look on my character with the camera completely zoomed out.

In case you have problems with the memento animation too please send ingame a bug report Hopefully you enjoyed my guide how you can accquire the Coin of Illusory Riches Memento in the Elder Scrolls Online It would be wonderful if you subscribe, like or leave me a comment Have a nice day and until next time.Tschüss!.

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