Hello everyone, my name is Tianlein and today i want to show you the Coldharbour Surreal Estate This house is located in the Hollow City in Coldharbour To be able to purchase this house with gold you need to complete the “God of Schemes” Achievement That means you have to finish the Main Quest to earn this Achievement.

You can purchase the Coldharbour Surreal Estate for 1 Million Gold the Coldharbour Surreal Estate can only be obtained unfurnished With the Coldharbour Surreal Estate you will not buy a real house It is a big flowting island And you will have a lot of space to build what you like On the side of the island you will find natural balconies which you can use too You can place in this house: 700 Traditional Furnishings 10 Special Furnishings 80 Collectible Furnishings and 10 Special Collectibles Hopefully you enjoyed this small preview of the Coldharbour Surreal Estate Thanks for watching and it would be nice if you subscribe, like or leave me a comment Have a good day and until next time Tschüss!

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