Hello everyone, my name is Tianlein and today i wanted to show you which free costumes and hats you can collect in the Elder Scrolls Online I will show you how the costume and hats look like and how you can acquire them Take a look in the description if you want to go direct to a specific topic For the first costumes you just need the Base game of the Elder Scrolls Online and regulary level up your Character Costumes and hats are account wide for all your characters available When you collect your first 20 Champion Points you will be rewarded with the Golden Saint costume If your Character reaches 60 Champion Points you will earn the Dark Seducer Costume For 100 Champion Points you will be rewarded with the Mannimarco costume And if you Character reaches 160 Champion Points you will earn the Imperial Chancellor costume If you like PvP you can earn the Emperor`s Regalia if you manage to become the next Emperor in Cyrodiil After you experienced all three story factions and completed Cadwell`s gold you will be rewarded with Caldwell’s Helm of Heroism Next we take a look at the Costumes which you can get in the differnt DLC`s of ESO We start with the Orsinium DLC If you follow the main quest of the Orsinium DLC you will get at one point “The Anger of a King” Quest For completing this quest you will earn the Vosh Rakh Ceremonial Mask The Regalia of the Orsimer King Costume is acquired by completing the main story of Orsinium You will receive this costume when you finish the Long Live the King Quest Then you can gather the Cavalier of the Sworn Oath, the Old Orsinium Sentry and the Trinimac`s Penitent Knight Costume First you have to earn the Hero of Wrothgar Achievement which is rewarded for completed several other large achievements in Wrothgar You have to complete the the Orsinium main quest to complete the Kingmaker achievement Then you have to complete at least 40 quests for the Wrothgar Grand Adventurer achievement The Wrothgar Master Delver achievement is awarded for clearing all six Delves in Wrotghar Also you have to defeat at least four of the six Wrothgar world bosses for the Defender of Orsinium Achievement Additionaly you have to earn the Wrothgar Dungeon Slayer Achievement For that you have to defeat at least three bosses in the public dungeons Old orsinium and also in the Rkindaleft Then you have to earn the Wrothgar Relic Hunter Achievement This is awarded if you find 16 of the 20 relics for the House of Orsimer Glories in Orsinium After you finaly got the Hero of Wrothgar achievement you can talk to Curator Umutha at the House of Orsimer Glories to start the quest “A cold wind from the mountain”.

Once you returned to Umutha and completed the museum`s collection you will be rewarded with three bearskin costumes For the following costumes you need the Thieves Guild DLC The Thieves Guild Leathers are easily acquired by just joining the Thieves Guild For the Merchant Lord`s Formal Regalia Costume you have to be at least Thieves Guild Rank 7 and you need to complete the”Forever Hold your Peace” Quest which is part of the main quest of the thieves guild Next we travel to the Gold coast and visit the Dark Brotherhood To access the Gold Coast you need the Dark Brotherhood DLC The shrouded armor costume is acquired by completing the quest “Signed in Blood” which is part of the main quest To obtain the Black Hand Robe you need a Dark Brotherhood Rank 8 and complete the”Filling the Void” Quest This quest is the final part of the dark brotherhood main quest The Keptu Horn Skull Sallet is obtainable if you complete the Bloodroot Forge Challenger Achievement of the Bloodroot Forge Dungeon in the Horns of the Reach DLC If you own the Morrowind Chapter you can collect in Vvardenfell two more costumes In Suran you can help the Scarlet Judge For completing his quest chain you will be rewarded with the Regalia of the Scarlet Judge The second costume is the Sixth House Robe For this costume you have to gather 7 fragments of the robe in the Forgotten Wastes dungeon in the north of vvardenfell I created for both costumes already in depth guides which i will link in the description below Additionaly you can often obtain from the various holiday events a costume or a hat.

I believe that old rewards will return with a lower drop chances but i am not 100% sure about that But it is possible that you can purchase the festival costume containers at the guild traders At the Witches Festival 2016 you could get the Scarecrow Spectre Witch`s Festival Mask and the Pumpkin Spectre Mask as special reward from Plunder Skulls The Plunder Skulls dropped from any bosses in Tamriel as long as you had the festival buff enabled In the Achievement list you can see that they listed for this year the Hollowjack Spectre Mask and the Thicketman Spectre mask In December 2016 you could participate at the New Life Festival and earn some special rewards For example you could get the Nordic Bather`s towel costume and also two hats, the Colovian Filigreed Hood and the Colovian Fur Hood End of March 2017 we had the Jester`s Festival in Tamriel For completing all three quests the first time you got a hat, the Crown of Misrule, as a reward In August 2017 at the Midyear Mayhem event you could earn a new hat, the Midyear Victor`s Laurel Wreath if you completed all Midyear Mayhem event achievements I hope you enjoyed this overview of the free collectible costumes and hats in the elder Scrolls Online.

I believe that i didnt forget a costume or hat but when you know more free costumes or hats please leave a comment below Thanks for watching and it would be amazing if you subscribe, like or leave me a comment Have a good day and until next time Tschüss!.

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