Hello everyone and welcome to my Daily Repeatable Quest Overview for the Elderscrolls Online My name is Tianlein an today i want to show you what kind of dailies you can do, where you can find them and what kind of rewards you can earn There are many daily quests to find and i will try to give you a short&compact overview If you are looking for a specific daily quest take a look in the description Repeatable quests or also called dailies are quests which can be completed multiple times Usually you can complete this quests once per day This green arrow is always your indicator that someone is offering a repeatable quest If you take a look in your Questlog you find there a notice too that this quest is repeatable First we talk about the daily crafting Writs which you can pick up at the notice boards in every bigger city in Tamriel You can complete the daily crafting writs for all 6 crafting professions once per day per character and completing this Quests will give you Experience, Inspiration and a reward chest In this reward Chest you can get different materials, tempers and Survey maps.

If you are a master crafter you can also get Master Crafting writs I created already a in depth guide about daily writs and master crafting writs which i will link in the description Then we have the Undaunted Pledges At the Undauted Enlcaves in Mournhold in Deshann,in Wayrest in Stormhaven and in Eldenroot in Grathwood you can pick up 3 daily quest per character per day This Pledges are quests which will send you to clear a dungeon and they are created for a group of 4 people You can choose between different difficulties, the normal and veteran version of a dungeon But only the Veteran Dungeon bosses drop Monster Masks From the Quest giver you get as a reward one or two undauted keys depending on which difficuly you finished the dungeon With this keys you can oopen the daily pledge chests where you can get monster set shoulder pieces and Mercanary Style chapters Next we talk about the Guild Daily Quests You start the daily guld quests at the Fighters Guild Hall, Mages Guild Hall or the Undauted Enclave in Elden Root, Wayrest and Mournhold.

In the Fighers Guild Hall Cardea Gallus offers the daily fighters guild quests She will send you do a random zone where you have to destroy 3 Dark Anchors In the Mages Guild Hall Alvur Baren offers the daily mages guild quests He will send you do a random dungeon where you have to help to recover a relic of the Mad God At the Undauted Enclave Bolgrul offers the undaunted daily quests He sends you to a random delve in Tamriel where you have to complete a task These quests are sharable, so you can finish them multiple times per day As a reward you can get Draugr Motif Chapters and Pristine Shroud which is the crafting material for the Draugr Motif Also you get valualbe items which you can sell and some food If you didnt know in Craglorn are many daily repeatable quests too This big zone offers around 14 Dailies, 7 in lower craglorn and 7 quests in upper craglorn.

As a reward you can get for example the Yokudan Style In Cyrodiil you can complete a lot of repeatable quests too PvP Quests can be repeated immediatley and shared with your group For the Battle Missions you have to capture a specific Farm, Lumbermill or Mine To complete Bounty Missions you have to kill players For example Kill 20 Dragonknights Scouting Missions sends you out to scout a mine, farm, lumbermill or keep For the Warfront Missions you have to help to capture a specific Keep for your alliance The Elder Scrolls MIssions sends you out to capture a specific Elder Scroll As a reward for completing this quests you get gold and Alliance Points Then there are also Cyrodiil Settlement Quests You can find These quests in the major settlements Bruma, Cheydinhal, Cropsford, Vlastarus, Chorrol Weynon Priory Every City offers around 10 repeatable quests The Imperial City in the middle of Cyrodiil offers daily repeatable quests too.

Once you have completed the Story quests of the Imperial city you can find in each of the six districts once per day a repeatable quest For completing this quests you gain Experience, Gold and Tel Var Stones If you have ESO plus or bought the DLC`s you can complete even more daily repeatable quests In Orsinium we can do different repeatable quests First we have the Delve Dailies which you can start in the Morkul Stronghold once per day and character These quests send you to one of the six delves in Wrothgar Then we have the six daily group boss quests which are offered by Arzorag in Skalar`s Hostel outside of Orsinium. Arzorag will offer you only one quest per day and character but since the quests are sharable it is possible to complete all 6 quests Here you can get Trinimac and Malacath Motif Chapters and also you can find armor parts of the Briarheart and Pariah and Trinimac Set.

The Thieves Guild offers you some dailies too In the Thieves Den in Hew`s Bane you can start different quests Rye`s Reacquisitions will send you to delves and group bosses in Hew`s Bane Again you get only one quest per day but you can finish all since these quests are sharable too Heists sends you to instanced heist areas You can take on heist from the board per day but this quests are sharable too if you want to do them more often The Thievies Guild Style is one possible reward from the heists beside of the gold, experience and valuable goods to sell From the Thieves Guild Tip Board you can get different stealing quests.These quests will send you out to zones all across Tamriel where you have to steal something These quests are immediately repeatable without a limit As a reward you can get gold, experience, bounty edicts and containers with goods like the Abah`s watch Style At the Gold Coast you can find more repeatable quests.

To access this area you need the Dark Brotherhood DLC In Anvil at the bounty board you can find delve quests and at the bounty board in Kvatch you can start group boss quests You can take only one bounty board quests per day but they are sharable so you can finish all quests Beside of Gold and Experience it is possible to get Minotaur Style chapters and Order of the Hour Style chapters from these quests. In the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary we can start the Sacrament quest These quests will send you do an instanced area to assassinate a target The Sacrament quests can be accpeted only once per day and character.

As a possible reward you can get Dark Brotherhood Style chapters Dark Brotherhood Contracts send you out to all zones across Tamriel to assasinate a specific target You can repeat this quests immediatley and as often as you want If you are interested how the Armor Styles look like you can find some of them in my Armor or Weapon Showcase Series and i place the links in the description As you can see the list of reapeatable quests is long and there are a lot different activities across Tamriel for you to keep yourself really busy Which of the dailies do you like the most? Or do you dislike maybe some of them? Hopefully you enjoyed the video and it would be amazing if you subscribe, like or leave me a comment.

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