Hello everyone, My name is Tianlein and today we talk about the Daily Crafting Writs in the Elderscrolls Online The Daily Crafting Writs are daily repeatable quests where you have to create specific items You can pick this quests up for each crafting profession and they can be completed once every 20 hours Completing this Quests will give you experience, inspiration, gold and a reward chest If you are just started the game or never did the Crafting Writs before you have to become first a certified Crafter This Quests are more or less the Tutorial Quests about the crafting systems in the Elderscrolls online and you can do them for all 6 crafting professions.

If you are already an established crafter with a Rank of 10 or more in a particular crafting skill line you can skip the tutorial quest and become immediately certified Otherwise to start this quests we have to pick them up from the notice board In the Mages Guild you will find Danel Telleno who will certify you in Enchanting, Alchemy and Provisioning and in the Fighters Guild you will get certified from Millenith for Clothing, Blacksmithing and Woodworking I will show you now the Blacksmithing certification as an example but the others quests are similar After we picked up the request from the notice board we go to Millenith Here you can choose what profession you want to learn first First she will send you out to collect ore and refine it Since i had this materials already in my bag i could direct start with the crafting process we have to construct a dagger and after that we have to deconstruct it.

And now we are certified in Blacksmithing Since we are now officialy certified we can now start with our daily Crafting Writs As mentioned before you can find this quest always on the notice boards What items you have to craft and where you have to deliver them depends on how much skill points you have invested in your crafting skill lines For example my character has Woodworking on level 10 That means that i have to use Sanded Ruby Ash and have to deliver the items to Craglorn My Provisioning is only on Level 1 so i have to cook simple recipes and deliver them to Stonefalls If you are missing the recipes be sure to go to the next tavern and talk there to the brewer&chef They will always provide you with the recipes needed for your proficiency level But if you want to find them for a lower price you have to search the guild stores Keep in mind to always read and check what you have to craft exactly For Blacksmithing, Woodworking and clothing you can always use the lowest amount of materials and it does not matter which style you use.

To make your life easier i have some tips for you how you can speed up this process First i recommend you to install the amazing Addon Dolgubon`S Lazy Writ Crafter If you have the needed materials for your daily crafting writ it will just craft for you automaticly exactly what you need for your quests There are some options where you can choose what style materials it uses By default it will only take the commen style stones Then you can for example let it start automatically if you aproach a crafting station Since Lazy Writ Crafter does not support Provisiniong and Alchemy i use there two extra Addons For Provisioning i use CookeryWiz and for Alchemy Potion Maker which can help you with the daily crafting quests too.

You can even prepare Items with one character and give it to another one For example i always brew a bulk of potions with my high level crafter and give them to my other characters Of course you have to know before what they exactly need an keep in mind if you level your crafting skills up the daily crafting writs will change for this characters to the next higher materials After we created our items we have to deliver our goods As mentioned before the location depends on how much skillpoints you invested in your skill line You can always check your Journal which will point you to the city and location where you have to drop off your goods For completing this quests we will get experience, inspiration, gold and a reward chest In the Provisioning chests you can get different cooking Ingredients, recipes and the Psiijic Ambrosia Fragments The Enchanting chests can have glyphs, runes, soul gems and survey maps inside The Woodworking, Blacksmithing and Clothing chests can give you Improvement materials, trait stones, weapon or armor parts, Glass Style Motif Fragments and repair kits Also there can be inside shipment boxes where are 25 pieces of a lower material inside.

And you can get Survey maps which are similar to treasure maps but they will send you to a specific location where you can find materials To find this map locations easier i use the Addon Lost Treasure which marks the Survey Map and treasure map locations on your map and it makes it really easy to find them If you have already champion points i recommend that you invest 10 points in The Lover for the Plentiful Harvest Passive That will give you the chance to get double materials from nodes which works on the survey maps nodes too Since the Homestead update the daily crafting writs are more important because you can get now for the top tier crafting writs also Master Crafting Writs I made already a Video about the Master Crafting Writs and you can find the link in the description Hopefully i answered all your questions around the Crafting Writs in the Elderscrolls Online It would be nice if you subscribe, like or leave me a comment Have a nice day and until next time Tschüss

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