Hello everyone, my name is Tianlein and today we take a look on the new Level up and Skill advisor system This new Systems will be added to the base game of the Elder Scrolls Online with the Dragon Bones Update in February Both system are designed to help and guide new players with their character progression in the Elder Scrolls Online You will get helpful tips and skill recommandations and you can also earn useful rewards Please keep in mind that i took this Information from the Test Server and it can be that some things change until we get update on the Live Server If you are only interested in a specific topic please take a look in the description First we take a look at the new Skill Advisor System When you open your skill window you still will see on the the right side your regular skill lines And on the left side you will see now the skill advisor window On the top left of the skill advisor window you see your choosen build, which is by default the Initiate build To switch to other builds click on Advisor Settings Here you can now choose between different builds The Initiate build is made for brand new players.

But you can also choose a build for Magicka or Stamina Damage Dealer, Tank or Healer. Also you are able to toggle here the the Skill Advisor off The Skill Advisor will recommend you then different skills,morphs and passives depending on the build you have choosen Of course you are free to pick other skills too if you want to do that Next we will take a closer look on the Level Up Advisor System If you progress from level 2 to 50 you are now able to earn for each level some rewards Once you level up you will see now a message that your Level rewards are available To access direct the window click the F key, that will open the Character window On the right you still see the regular Character window, where you are able to spend your Attribute points On the left you see now what Level rewards you can claim Also you will get displayed different useful tips, similar to the tips you see on the loading screens In this example you see the Level 3 rewards, which will give you 1 Attribute Point, 1 Skill Point and a Crown Fortifying Meal.

After you claim your rewards you will see what is your next level reward And you see also a preview of the Milestone reward which you will earn every five levels On the ESO forum some kind players gathered and listed all level rewards I will show you all rewards so you get an idea what kind of rewards you can expect, but keep in my that this information is from the test server So once you reach level 5 you will earn your first milestone reward You will get Two Green-quality Rings which are part of a basic 2-piece Item Set that grants a Max Health bonus With Level 7 you will earn a Bag Space Upgrade and 500 gold The Level 10 reward is the Sorrel Horse Usually you had to buy this horse for 10000 gold at the stable Since Mounts are account wide shared, you can earn the Sorrel Horse only once per account When you reach level 15 you can choose between 6 quality weapons I guess this should give a new player the opportunity to choose direct their secondary weapon and test their new second ability bar The level 18 reward is a storage coffer which you can place in your apartment or house You can store up to 30 items in this coffer.

With the last PTS Patch we are only able to earn this coffer via the Level up System and can’t to buy this coffer with writ vouchers or Tel Var Stones Before this change it was possible to purchase all storage chests and coffers Keep in mind that this information is from the Test Server and that it still can be different once we get the system on the live server Once you reach level 20 you will earn a costume You can coose between the Lion Guard Knight, the covenant scout or the mages guild formal robes costume Also you will earn one Fire Atronach Crown Crate When you reach level 24 you can choose between two pets. The Alik’r Dune-Hound or the Abecean Ratter Cat At Level 25 you can choose between 6 purple-quality weapons The Level 29 reward let you choose between one Speed, Stamina or Capacity Crown Riding Lesson The Level 30 milestone gives you 4,000 gold and a Fire Atronach Crown Crate At Level 32 you can Choose between 1 of 3 Dye Stamps.The Holiday: Ivy-Berry Blend, the Oblivious: Cheerful Cliff Racer and the Darkening: Dark of the Moons You can use dye stamps to color for example one of your costumes which you earned in the past The Milestone reward at Level 35 let’s you choose 10 purple-quality crafting-improvement materials for woodworking, clothing or blacksmithing At Level 39 you will get an instant All Research Scroll.

This shortens all on-going researchs by one day. At Level 40 you will earn another Milestone reward.This will grant you 6,000 gold, 1 Outfit Change Token and a Motif Box which contains the Prisoner’s Rags motif The Level 43 reward is one Attribute and one Skill Respecification Scroll At Level 45 you will get another Milestone Reward This time you earn one Undaunted Key Keep in mind that you will earn a second free Undaunted key if you complete the Undaunted Invitation Quest When you reach Level 47 you can choose one blue ring with one piece set, either Healthy, Arcane or Robust and Set bonus is health Additionaly you will get 50 Transmute Crystals.

At Level 49 you will earn one Crown Experience Scroll And your final milestone rewards at Level 50 are 10,000 gold and one Fire Atronach Crown Crate On the different level rewards you will also get a notification when you unlocked a new dungeon, which is really useful for new players It is important to note that when you reached already max level you will not get these rewards for free You have to start a new character once the dragon bone update comes on the live server and level a new Character to Level 50 If you have already have 14 Characters you will be able to buy one more Character Slot So you don’t have to delete a Character and you are able to start a new one Some special rewards like the Sorrel Horse or the free crown crates can only be earned once per account I think The Level Up and Skill Advisor will be a great addition to the game since it should make the start for new players a lot easier Also it is always nice to get some extra rewards Whats your opinion about this topic? Thanks for watching and hopefully you enjoyed my overview of the Level up and Skill Advisor System It would be awesome if you subscribe, like or leave me a comment Have a nice day and until next time Tschüss

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