Hello everyone, my name is Tianlein and today we talk about the upcoming Outfit System for the Elder Scrolls Online The Outfit System will be added to the base game of ESO with the Dragon Bone Update in February This System is amazing and will give us so many new options to create and customize your personal look Please keep in mind that i recorded this on the Public Test Server and that it can happen that some things change until we get the Outfit System on the Live Server If you are only interested in a specific topic take a look in the description So first i want to talk about what are these new Outfits I think best you can compare the outfits with the regular costumes The big difference between costumes and outfits is that you can customize and change the look of every outfit part You still have to wear your regular armor and weapons, but you will hide the look of your gear by activating your outfit Costumes, Polymorphs, Hats and Disguises will always overwrite any armor styles in your applied outfit You can also use a costume and change the look of your weapons with your outfit Also you will be able use an Outfit but use a hat costume Guild Tabards will be still visible and displayed over your outfit So there are various ways how you can mix and match your look Every Character will get one Outfit Slot for free To be able to customize your outfit you need to go to a Outfit Stations Every Dye Station previously found in Tamriel will be upgraded into an Outfit Station At the Outfit Station you will still be able to to dye your equipped armor, hats and costumes but additionaly you can customize your outfit too That means that your dye stations in your own houses will be upgraded into an Outfit Station too In case you are new to the game i will share with you now some public Dye Station Locations in the starter Zones: In Stonefalls you can find a Dye Station in Ebonheart, in Auridon the Dye Station is in Vulkhel Guard and in Glenumbra the Dye Station is in Daggerfall If you own the Morrowind Chapter you can find your first Dye Station in Vivec City inside the Canton of St.

Olms the Just It is also possible to obtain your own dye or outfit station for your house or guild hall From the Master Craft Mediator Rolis you can buy for 35 Writ Vouchers the regular Dye Station which can also be used to customize your outfit. But there is also a new special Outfit Station which you can purchase for 1500 Writ Vouchers from the achievement mediator faustina curio You are able to buy the Outfit Station if you earned the Alliance Style Master achievement, which can be earned by learning all 9 of the starting racial styles As mentioned before the normal dye station will be able to work as an outfit station Only if you want to have this new special outfit station in your house you have to invest so many Writ Vouchers Next we talk about Styles Styles are still learned by reading Motif Books or Chapters per Character, but with the outfit system there is some new addition to the game In addition to unlocking the ability to craft in that style, learning a Motif now also teaches you how to apply that style to your Outfits If you login with your character a first time or your learn a new Motif the Outfit Style Collection will be updated.

Now these Styles are account wide for all your characters available to customize your outfits Keep in mind that the style collection is exclusive shared for the outfit system and you are not able to craft armor in all styles with all your characters. In case you learned with multiple Characters different Styles you should login after the Update in February once with every Character so your Outfit Style Collection gets updated with your complete Style Knowledge That means that you can at the moment only customize your outfit with the motif styles, but ESO gave some hints that maybe in the future we will maybe be able to use the look of Monster Sets You can any time access your Equipment Style Window in your Collections Menu Open your inventory and click on the top of the window on the collections button or press the “U” key The Collection Window will open and on the top right you can now find the Equipment Styles tab You can access any time from everywhere the Equipment Style window and preview all known and even unknown styles Additionaly you can see where you can find the style and how much gold it would cost to use it for your outfit Since we could in the past not preview any gear ingame this tool is now am great addition to the elder scrolls online But if we want to actually customize our outfit we have to go to an outfit station formerly known as dye station If you access the Outfit Station your Menu will look almost same as before On the right you see all dyes and you can switch on the top right to costume dyeing On the left side you can find now a new drop down menu where you can switch between no outfit or outfit As mentioned before every Character will get get one Outfit Slot for free To start to customize our outfit we have to choose from the drop down menu outfit 1 Now you can choose on the right side what Dyes, Armor Styles and Weapon Styles you want As you can see you are able to choose between all your known Styles Also you can even pick any light, medium or heavy armor piece even if your real armor uses a different armor weight As an example if you are wearing a light armor robe you are now able to choose a heavy chest piece, and even a medium helmlet It is up to you how you mix and match all the different Styles and Armor Weights.

Additionaly you can pick the different level Styles which some Motifs offer Many of the blue racial motifs have this different Styles depending for which level you want to create it I took here now as an example the Argonian Style As you can see there are 4 Jerkins and 4 Robes, 4 medium and 4 heavy chest pieces to choose from This is a great addition to the game that we are now able to use this Styles too Also if you use Monster Sets your Outfit can change the look of the Monster Helm and Shoulder too Additionaly if you want see parts of your regular armor you can also change only specific slots for example lets say we only want to change the look of the Chest and helm but keep for the other armor pieces our regular armor.

You choose then only for the chest and helm a style you like and ignore or remove the other pieces That means you are not forced to choose a full outfit and are able to customize your outfit as you like Beside of armor you will be able to change the look of your weapons too For example if you don`t like the look of your Staff then you are able to choose another staff style from your collection For one handed and two handed weapons you have even more options Let’s say you don`t want to play with two daggers, no problem you can now take the axe and sword look and style of a motif of your choice This works only in in each weapon family That means you can’t play with a bow and have on your weapon outfit the look of an Axe.

You are also able to change the look of special weapons like Maelstrom or Master Weapons After you decided what styles you want for your armor and weapons you can also dye each piece Yes we are able to dye our weapons, so now you we don’t have to play with red weapons anymore If you want to keep the look of your regular weapons but you want to change just the color you can do that now too For that you have to customize again your outfit Just choose weapon colores you like and don’t choose any weapon style Like that you are able to keep the regular look of your weapon but dye them as you like Beside of that the dye process is identical like you dye your regular armor or costumes In addition to the existing dyes you can now also unlock and use 10 different material rank dyes These dyes correspond to the color of gear crafted from each of the ten ranks and are each unlocked by deconstructing a piece of equipment made from materials of that rank For example, deconstructing an iron axe will unlock the “Rank 1 Materials” dye, which matches the colors found on Iron, Rawhide, Jute, or Maple equipment To unlock fast the Deconstruction Analyste Achievements you can craft an item of the needed Rank and then deconstruct it To customize your Outfit you have to invest some Gold Depending on the rarity of a Style you have different application costs which start from 100 gold and go up to 2000 gold per armor piece For weapons the style application costs range from 150 up to 6000 gold per weapon.

Additionaly you have to pay a small amount of gold for dyeing your outfit and weapons You have to pay for each armor piece 50 gold and for each weapon 350 gold Keep in mind that you can preview and try different styles and colors Here on the left you can see the total price Only if you click apply changes you will have to pay the application cost If you don’t want to spend gold for your outfit customization you can also buy at the crown store outfit change tokens And if you want to have multiple outfits you can buy extra outfit slots at the crown store too You can unlock up to 10 Outfit Slots per Character Sadly i don’t know how much crowns the outfit change token and the extra outfit slots will cost On the Test Server i bought extra Outfit Slots and this Outfit slots were only available for that specific character That means that that your other Characters would still have only one outfit slot available In case you would like to hide your helmet you can do that too They moved this option from the gameplay options menu to the outfit menu When you are at the outfit station, go to head section and there at the top you can find hide helmlet option Also i found a hide helmet option in the general collections hat menu, but it seems like this option does not work on the test server We have to wait for some updates to see how and where we can hide the helmets, but as far as i know it will be still possible to hide your helmet It is also possible to rename your outfit You have to visit again an outfit station Choose from the drop down menu the outfit you want to rename on the bottem left you can find the rename outfit button or press the “T” key Rename your Outfit how you like and save your name changes You can any time switch between your outfits or go back to your regular armor For example you can do that while you are at the outfit station Just choose from the left drop down menu no outfit, or the outfit of your choice Another option is to go to your character window Open your inventory and click on the top on the character button or click the “C” key Here you will find now under Background the outfit option Again you can easily switch between no outfit or the outfit of your choice I really like the new Outfit System and in my eyes it will be a great addition to the game The Outfit System will give us so many new options to customize the look of our armor and weapons Especially i am looking forward to dye my weapons and I don’t have to see anymore this red colored weapons Let me know what is your opinion about the upcoming Outfit System Thanks for watching and i hope you liked my overview about the upcoming Outfit System for the Elder Scrolls Online It would be awesome if you subscribe, like or leave me a comment Have a good day and until next time Tschüss! –

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