Essential Housing Tools v2.0.0 is now live on Minion and
Click here to download it now

New features include…

Animation Studio
– Animate one or more furniture items across multiple “frames” of animation.
– Scrub back and forth between frames to preview your animation.
– Adjust individual item positions for every frame to create your desired transitions.
– Save animation scenes for future playback.
– Play once or loop the animation for repeat playback.
– More features coming soon…

Improved Group Editing
– Additional Selection Modes for even finer control over item selection.
– New “All (Same as Target)” Selection Mode to select ALL of a given furniture item type.
– New “Stack” edit action to stack all selected furniture in front of you.
– New “Mirror Horizontal” and “Mirror Vertical” edit actions for flipping an entire selection.
* Great for mirroring those sweeping grand staircases on both ends of your room.

Repair Missing Items
– Automatic detection of missing Selection and Animation Scene items.
– Automatic repair of Selections and Scenes with one-click.
* Your inventory will be searched for any missing items and those that are found are restored to your home in their last known position for the Selection or Scene.

Does Your Laundry
– Okay, not really, but many of your home editing tasks (both mundane and complex) can be greatly accelerated with this growing suite of tools. :wink:
– Let me know what you think, if you have any suggestions or if you encounter any issues at all!

Flying Witch Animation Demo with Essential Housing Tools for The Elder Scrolls Online (2:28)


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