Hello everyone and welcome to my guild guide for the Elder Scrolls Online My name is Tianlein and today i want to talk about guilds and all related topics around that I will create two Videos about guilds Today we will explore all important topics for for you as a guild member The second Video will be about how you can open your own guild and what you should know about that topic as a guildmaster If you are only interested in a specific topic take a look in the description First you have to know that you can find in the Elder Scrolls online NPC Guilds and Player guilds NPC Guild are the the Fighter’s Guild, Mages Guild, the Undaunted, The Thieves Guild or the Dark Brotherhood which have their own skill and quest line. These NPC Guilds are not connected to player created Guilds which are player run organsiations that work together to achieve common goals Additionaly guilds are a great way to create a nice social gaming enviroment Guilds can offer you assistance with quests, fighting, crafting, group content like dungeons,trials and also pvp Also they offer their own chatrooms, a guild store, guild bank and player ranks Since there are different types of player guilds you have to choose for yourself what are the best guilds for you For example Social Guilds are a bit more casual which just want to have a good time together and enjoying all the different activities in ESO PVP Guilds focus more on the PvP part of the game and fight epic battles in Cyrodiil, Imperial City or Battlegrounds.

Trading Guilds are a good choice if you want to earn some coin since their main goal is to provide the best enviroment for Trading and try to to give you access to a guild trader Some guilds focus on specific interests like Role Playing Guilds , Werewolf Guilds or Vampire Guilds Or other guilds have special goals like Trial Guilds which complete the different twelve player group content of ESO Since you can be member of 5 guilds at the same time you can freely choose between the different guilds Your guilds are shared account wide, that means they are accessible for all your characters regardless of their Alliance If you want to join a guild i would recommend you to go to a active zone of your choice and take a look at the zone chat Guilds are looking all the time for new members and advertise frequently in the zone chat alternatively you can write your request at the zone chat too and ask for a guild invitation Another option is that you visit the Guild reqcuitment section in elder scrolls online forum Choose your platform and then you can take a look if you find there the right guild for your needs and ask for invitation If you got your guild invite while you are busy or offline the invitation will show up in your notifications Now after your joined your guild you can now talk with your guild via the guild chat.

At the bottom left ot the chat window you can switch between zone chat and your different guilds or you type /g1, /g2, /g3, /g4, /g5 The number of your guild is the order you joined your guilds When a guild reaches 50 members it unlocks the guild Store functionality which allows members of the guild to buy and sell their goods internally That means the goods are only accessible by the members of the guild To be able to sell public and offer your goods to a much larger audience your guild has to bid on a npc guild trader once per week If your guild won the bid or hired a guild trader other players can approach the trader and purchase your goods Depending on the guild trader location that can increase the sales a lot, but also you have to know that good guild trader locations cost your guild a lot of gold per week In case your are interested in trading and you want to offer your goods at your guild you have to visit a bank of your choice and talk to the banker Choose the option Guild trader and a new Window will open.

Here you have the option to browse and purchase items but also you can offer and sell your items In case you play on PC i would recommend you some Addons to improve your your trading experience First download Awesomeguildstore which will greatly enhance the trading interface Next get the Addon Master Merchant This tool will help you to to find prices for your goods Thats a huge help when you start trading since it can be quite overwhelming to know what are your items worth Alternatively you can also use Tamriel trade Center instead of Master Merchant I will link the Addons in the description below A Guild can also have a guild bank To access the guild bank you have o visit any bank and talk to the banker In the guild bank members can store up to 500 items and gold It can be that you dont have the permission to access the guild bank That depends on the individual adjustments of the guild ranks which your guild leaders created In case you are a member of a trading guild it can be that you have to donate a weekly fee For that you have to visit the guild bank, choose deposit and then deposit currency A small window will open and you can choose how much gold you want to donate If you are looking for information about your guild you can open the guild window by clicking on the shield icon or pressing the G key on your keyboard Here you are able to switch between all your guilds and you can find some general information about them.

For example you can see how many members are in the guild, if your guild hired a trader, or if someone claimend in the name of the guild something in Cyrodiil The next tab is Roster, here you are able see and browse all guild members, see who is online or offline, read notes and if you have the permission you can also invite here new members In case you are new to the Elder Scrolls Online you should know that you can use the guild member roster to find free fast travel locations Just browse the member list and if you find a member at a location you want to travel just right click on the name and then choose fast travel A pretty awesome and easy way to travel for free anywhere in Tamriel There is also a Guild Heraldry System available Your Guildmaster can design a guild tabard for the guild Visit a banker and go to the guild store When you initially access the guild store you will see the guild tabard on the first page The Tabard is availabe fors 2000 gold You have to disable any active costume to be able to see your guild tabard and it will be displayed over your armor After you joined a guild be sure to read the guild rules since you want to avoid to get in trouble with your new fellow members.

But even if you your guild has not set any special rules i want to mention some things what you should avoid to do For example you should never advertise for a different guild in the guild chat Also most of the guilds dont want to see posts like i want to sell, want to buy or want to trade If you want to buy or sell anything please use the guild trader Many guilds don`t want a mix of languages in their chat, so if your guild has english as default language you should stick to that And please avoid any foul-mouthed language since most guilds want to be a friendly place Some guilds offer also a guild house Most of the time this house is owned by the guild leader who allowes all the guild members to visit his residence To travel to the guild house press the G key to access the guild window then go to the guild roster search the name of the guild house owner Right click on the name and select: Travel to primary residence You will start to teleport to the guild hall This teleport is for free and does not cost any gold Many guild houses offer target test dummies to test your damage per second, multiple attuned crafting stations, Transmutation stations, Mundus Stones and many more things Of course it depends on your guild if they offer such a house and what you can find there To find the Guild House faster i use the Addon Guild Hall List, which shows available “guild halls” on the guild home screen when installed.

It looks for the three characters “<GH” in member notes and shows the displayname. I hope you enjoyed my overview how the guild system works in the elder scrolls online and that it will help you to find nice place in Tamriel If you have any questions please post them in the comments below Also i opend my own guild now on the PC EU Server The idea is to have a friendly, casual group and enjoy our adventures together in Tamriel. In case you would like to get an invite please post your name in the comments too And i have also some additonal information for you I created a discord server for us and i would be glad to welcome you there You find the invitiation link in the description Then i opened a Patreon page, if you like to support me you can head now over there In case you want to help the Channel in another way you could help with translating the subtitles I activated community translations and it would be awesome if we could provide subtitles in multiple languages so that we can help together many more players Thanks for watching and your support! As always it would be wonderful if you subscribe, like or leave me a comment Have a good day and until next time Tschüss!

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