Hello everyone, my name is Tianlein and today i share with you the second part of my Guild Guide for the Elder Scrolls Online In the first part we talked about guilds in general and what they can offer you Now we will talk about how you can create your own guild and what is important to know as a guildmaster If you are only interested in a specific topic please take a look in the description First we talk about how and where you can open your own guild For that we have to open the guild window. The Guild window will be unlocked when you reach level 10, allowing you to create and manage your own guild Open your inventory and on the top of the window click the little shield icon or press the G key.

This will open the Guild interface and at the bottom you will see the Create Guild Button A new window will open Choose a Guild name you like and the Guild Alliance The Alliance is only important if you want to claim ressources in Cyrodiil in the name of your Guild Otherwise you can invite all players regardless of their alliance Now i will explain a bit the guild home window and what kind of information you can find here At the top left you see your Guild name and the guild alliance Also you can switch here to your other guilds You can see how many Members are in your Guild and how many are at the moment online Next to that you can see if your guild unlocked the Guild Bank, Guild Heraldry and the Guild Store To the right you see who is the Guildmaster and when the guild was founded. On the left you can see if you hired a guild trader and if your guild claimed something in Cyrodiil If your guild claims a resource or a keep, then the siege weapon merchant there also becomes an interface to the guild’s store This works only in the campaign where you claimed the ressources or keep If your faction loses the controll over them your guild will also lose the access to the guild store there There is no costs for the guild for claiming anything in Cyrodiil Also you can change here the “message of the day” and the “about us” section If you do changes on the Message of the day your guild members will get an notification This is a good spot for general information,rules, events or anything what you want to share with your guild members It is also possible to set the text color with hexadezimal color code Someone was so kind and created a little web tool which you can use to set your text color We have to open the webpage sirmre.com You can find the link in the description of the video Write at the top box your desired text Mark the part you want to have colored and choose on the color wheel your desired color and hit the apply button Copy the text from the bottom box, paste it ingame into the message of the day or about section and save your changes I think this solution should work well for console players too The next tab is Guild Roster Here you are able to see who is online and offline But you can also edit notes for each member Notes can be used for various things Like how much someone donated, what roles people are playing, if someone is on vacation,who is a crafter or other useful information Also you can Invite here new members Just click on the bottom of the screen on Invite member and a new small window will open Type the @name or Character name and an invitation will be send To remove a member you just have to right click on the name and choose remove a member.

That option is for trading Guilds important since they need active traders. In case you can’t play for a longer period of time please don’t forget to inform your guilds The Guild Ranks tab allows you to create or change Guild Ranks which are basically roles within a guild here you can change the different permissions for each guild rank For example you can allow here a rank to have access to the guild trader, to invite new members, have access to the guild bank and many more things To promote or demote Members you have to visit again the guild roster and right click on the name Be careful who you allow access to the guild bank, since there are some thieves who will rob your guild bank and leave the guild Guild Heraldry allows you to create your own guild tabard You need at least 10 Guild Members to unlock this option Also you have to deposit 5000 gold at your guild bank Now you can change the Form and Style of the tabard, the colors and also what icon you want to have If you are happy with your design you can purchase the guild heraldry for 5000 gold and your members are able to purchase the tabard at the guild store for 2000 gold In case you are not happy with the look of your tabard just open again the guild heraldry tab For each change you have to pay 1000 gold, but again only a maximum of 5000 gold The Guild history gives you an overview about various topics like Guild, Bank, Sales and Alliance War For example you can see who invited a new member, if someone joined or left your guild or Rank promotions Also there are information available who placed or took items or money from the the guild bank The guild bank will be unlocked when your guild has at least 10 members The Guild bank has space for up to 500 items and you can give members permission to place or withdraw items with the guild ranks.

As mentioned before please be careful who you allow to withdraw items and gold from the guild bank since you don’t want to get robbed When you Guild reaches 50 members you will unlock a Guild Trader That will allow your guild members to buy and sell their items internally between guild members If you want to reach a larger audience you need to get a npc guild trader This traders are found across Tamriel and some locations are more popular than other ones Every week you have to bid with gold from your guild bank for a NPC trader Go to the desired trader of your choice You can place at any time of the week your bid This is a blind bid since you don’t know how much gold other guilds offered Depending on the Trader location that can be really expensive On Sunday evening the bid will close I believe at the moment this guild trader changeover is around 7pm But it can be that this time will change in the future, for example for summer or winter time The winner guild will receive per email a notification that they won their guild trader bid for this week Also you can see that information displayed at the guild home window In case you lost the trader bid your gold will be refunded to your guild bank But it can be that there are still npc traders available That happens if this trader didnt receive any bid in this week Now you have the option to hire the trader directly for 10 000 gold for this week As mentioned before the trader price depends how popular a location is For example cities like Mournhold in Deshaan or Belkarth in Craglorn are one of the most expensive places where you maybe have to invest several millions of gold to win a trader bid It all depends how much competition each location has Of course traders spots where you can have more customers are more popular and expensive Smaller cities will cost you maybe lesser gold but you will also have less chance of potential costumors Your guild will earn a bit of gold from taxes for each item sold via the guild store Sadly the income from taxes is not enough to compensate the high weekly trader costs.

Because of these high bidding costs most trading guilds are depending on a weekly donation from each member Also it is really important to have many active traders This is a reason why many trading guilds have many strict rules For example regarding how many days you are allowed to be offline or that they don’t allow selling or buying via the chat In case you are playing on PC i can recommed you some helpful Addons Roomba – Guildbank Stacker is a small but useful addon which allows you to stack quick and easy items in your guild bank On the bottom left of your screen you will find the roomba button to scan your guild bank If Roomba found any stackable items a Roomba buttom will appear, and with one click your guild bank items will get stacked Another helpful addon is Shissu’s Guild Tools which provides you with multiple useful tools for your chat, notitifcations, Guildinformation, Guildhistory, Guildroster, notebook with email function and many more things You can enable or disable every tool seperately Since this addon has really a lot to offer i recommend you to try it out and see which tools are good for your needs Thanks for watching and i hope you enjoyed this overview about guilds in the Elder Scrolls Online If you have any questions or if you want to add some information please share them in the comments below It would be wonderful if you subscribe, like or leave me a comment Have a good day and until next time Tschüss!

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