Hello everyone, my name is Tianlein and today we talk about the new Attunable Crafting Stations for the Elderscrolls Online Attunable Crafting Stations will be introduced with the upcoming Homestead Update in February This special Crafting Stations can be attuned to your favourite Crafting Sets in Tamriel and placed in your House Which is really great so you don`t have to travel always around if you frequently craft a specific Set First we need to visit the Mastercraft Mediator Rolis and buy the attunable Crafting Stations with Writ Vouchers Check out out Mastercrafting Writ Video if want to know how you can earn Writ Vouchers After we bought our Attunable Crafting Stations we have to go to our favourite Crafting Set Station I took now as an example the Night`s Silence Set When you are at the Set Crafting Location go in your inventory and click on the specific Crafting Station you want to attune You have to repeat this process for the Blacksmithing, the Clothing and the Woodworking Station Back in our house we have to enter the Housing Editor.

In the Tab Workshop Items you can find your attunable crafting stations As long as you see this yellow line around the station the position is not pefect and the crafting station will not be usable Try to get a spot without any color around the object and you will be fine You can have multiple attuned crafting stations, from different sets, in your home Hopefully you enjoyed this tutorial about the attunable crafting stations It would be wonderful if you subscribe, like or a leave a comment! Have a good day and until next time:) Bye bye.

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