Hello everyone, My name is Tianlein and today i show you how i decorated the Medium House Domus Phrasticus in Craglorn I wanted a place where i can build a nice garden with a lot of trees and plants For the plants i traveled around in Tamriel and searched the Homegood Merchants since every zone has its special nature objects I used the maximum number of objects which is for this homestead 400 At the moment i have a traveling merchant as a guest which offers some of her goods at my place Then we have a nice barbeque area next to the fight stage with the target skeleton.

I love especially the green at the house wall where i used many bushes just to create the feeling that this is an older house surrounded by living nature If we follow the path surrounded by trees and laterns we will find behind the house the crafting area with my two wolves I tried to create a opened but cozy entrance area with beautiful trees and a lot of lights My plan was to place even more but i think i used almost 250 objects or more for the garden already and i had to place some furniture inside too:) Inside we have a huge dining room with enough space for a lot of guests and nice evenings in Tamriel upstairs i created a working corner with a desk and a bookshelf nearby.

And then we have the bedroom which i decorated with carpets, trunks and a lot of candles and of course the house cat has to be there too:) Overall the furniture crafting and decorating process took around 4 hours In case someone is interested i uploaded time lapse of the complete process and you can find the link in the description Have a good time and until next time Tschüss!

As found on Youtube