Hello everyone and welcome to my furniture crafting guide for the Elderscrolls Online My name is Tianlein and today we talk about all things related to the furniture crafting which will be introduced with the upcoming Homestead update We have now special new materials and plans for furniture You can gather these new materials from the normal ressource nodes From lumber nodes you can aquire Heartwood which is primarily used for Woodworking Blueprints Ore nodes can give you Regulus that is mainly used with Blacksmithing Diagrams from fibrous plants you can gather Bast and from beasts you can gather Clean Pelts Both are primarily used for Clothing Patterns Alchemy Plants can give you Alchemical Resin that is mainly used for Alchemy Formulas From Runestones you can acquire Mundane Runes which are primarily used for Enchanting Praxis From Crates, barrels and other sources of provisioning ingredients you can gather Decorative Wax which is mainly used for Provisioning Designs Before we can start with crafting we need first to find some Crafting Plans These plans can be found in containers across the world, purchased from certain merchants, dropped from monsters, or even obtained from pickpocketing For example i found some plans at the regular clothier, blacksmith and carpenter npc.

Depending on the quality of the plan it can be that you need multiple tradeskills. As you can see here for this Blueprint we need Tailoring on Level 1 but Woodworking on Level 2 Beside of the new introduced furniture crafting materials you need all kind of different materials for furniture crafting Since we have so many new recipes i can`t tell you in general what you need But overall you need a lot of the commen racial style stones like Bones, Moonstone then you need trait stones and for higher quality furnishings you need Rosins, Tempers and Tannins Keep in mind that the examples you see now here are from the Publictestserver, so it can be that the amount ingredients will be different on the live server To craft furniture we can use the regular crafting stations, attuned crafting stations or even set crafting stations I use now as an example the Woodworking Station but the process is for the others similar At the top right you will find the new furniture crafting tab Here you can choose what item you want to craft and you can see the required materials All plans, ingredients and the crafted furniture are tradable So there is no problem to help out your friends,your guild members or you can of course sell your goods at the guild store Hopefully you enjoyed the video and it would be nice if you subscribe, like or leave a comment I wish you a nice day and until next time.

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