Hello everyone! My name is Tianlein and today we take a look at the large Houses from the upcoming Homestead update for the Elderscrolls Online Take a look in the description if you want to go direct to a specific home Dawnshadow is located in Reaper`s March and for 1,275,000 gold available This home has, two floors, balconies and a big garden In Bangkoria you can find the Forsaken Stronghold. It costs 1,285,000 gold That one is one of my favourite houses.Not only that you get a really huge outside area you get a tower too which has a nice view on a waterfall then you get a big terrace which goes totaly around the building and inside you get two floos which offer really a lot of space In my opinionthe Forsaken Stronghold is really impressive and offers a good price-quality ratio The Gardner House is direct in Wayrest in Stormhaven and you can buy it for 1,015,000 Gold This City house offers a a courtyard infront of the building and inside you have three floors with plenty of room.

The Hunding’s Palatial Hall is in Stros M`kai and for 1,295,000 gold available This house is in my opinion just amazing and i would say it is more a palace than a house I love the style and the atmosphere of this desert palace Not only that you get an enormous outside area, you have also your own tower which is usable with a magnificent view on the sea.It has its own private beach and a well too Inside you get two lofty floors and if i didnt count wrong 6 balconies! Obviously THe Hundings`s Palatial Hall is one of my favourite houses too 🙂 The Mathiisen Manor is located in Auridon and you can buy it for 1,025,000 gold This Manor has a beautiful garden around the building and at the back of the house you can find a fountain Inside we have two floors, 3 small balconies, one medium balcony and two spacious balconies The Old Mistveil Manor is in Rift just outside of the city Riften.

It is available for 1,020,000 gold This House offers you a garden infront of the building and a barn Inside you have two floors and a generous balcony The Quondam Indorilia is in Dehsaan near Mournhold and you can buy it for 1,265,000 gold It offers you a huge garden and 3 floors with plenty of room In Shadowfen you can find the Stay-Moist Mansion and it is for 760,000 gold available The outdoor area is huge, the main house offers a single big room you can walk on top of your house where you can find a small hut The Strident Springs Demesne is in Reaper`s March and it costs 1,280,000 gold This object has a gigantic garden, your own pond with a waterfall and an accessible tower Inside of the house you have two floors with many rooms In Grathwood you can find The Gorinir Estate and it is for 780,000 gold available Here you get a huge garden and 3 small tree houses Hopefully you enjoyed the overview about the large houses.

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