Dear ESO Housing enthusiasts. :)

My in-game @ is Greekvamp and I am the creator of Housing Finest Builders Housing-only guild.
I have played ESO since the initial Beta testing, like many of you but since Housing Implementation, I devoted all my ESO play time building stuff! I am still far from an expert but I did manage to earn one of the winning position in the 2017 ZoS Housing competition, under “Fight Club” category with my “Mischievous Arena” build.

We had no housing addons and not many housing plans at the time but since then, ESO housing has progressed and improved a lot!
But still, there are a few issues we builders are facing while creating, so, having a few personal rules to follow while building, imo, is necessary.

Below are my five building rules for ESO that help me create a project that I and maybe others will like.
I would like to share them in case they can be of help to other builders.

If you would like to join us, pls in-game mail me @ greekvamp
B well!
GV – Creator of Housing Finest Builders Housing-only guild.



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