Discussion about a magicka Dawnbreaker seems to be on the rise again, primarily on the grounds that two classes—Magplar and Magsorc—do not have a viable burst+CC ultimate, a crucial tool when PvPing. Both classes are thus somewhat shoehorned into running Dawnbreaker of Smiting (DBoS), which heavily gimps the user. This is because the skill deals physical damage, and therefore doesn’t derive any benefit from half your offensive CP stars, nor the penetration provided by light armor—resulting in a tremendous damage loss. Yet both classes are stuck with it for lack of better options.

One main argument against this idea is that changing one morph of Dawnbreaker to magicka would reduce options for stam players, who utilise both morphs (Flawless in PvE to buff frontbar damage, and DBoS as the PvP morph). On the contrary, a very simple adjustment to DBoS can be made to make it work for both stam and mag players, using coding already available in-game:


As you can see, the Burning Light passive automatically deals the relevant damage type, based on which stats your build has invested into (stam+WD vs. mag+SD), and this allows it to be equally useful for both Stamplars and Magplars.

Exporting this mechanic to DBoS would effectively give mag classes access to a magicka Dawnbreaker, without removing any pre-existing morphs!


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