Hello everyone and welcome to my armor and weapon showcase of the Ashlander Style in the Elder Scrolls Online My name is Tianlein and today i will show you the Ashlander Style in all armor and weapon classes for male and female characters Take look in the description if you want to go direct to a specific armor or weapon You can obtain Ashlander Motif chapters as a reward for performing daily repeatable quests for Numani-Rasi and Huntmaster Sorim-Narkar in Ald`ruhn To get access to the quest givers you need first to finish the quest Ancestral Ties After you completed the Ancestral Ties Quest head north to the Urshilaku Camp.

Here you will find Udami who sends you back to Ald`ruhn and the quest Ashlander Relations starts Back in Ald`ruhn talk to Zanammu and then you have the opportunity to talk to the Daily Quest Givers Numani-Rasi and the Huntmaster Sorim-Narkar For completing their quests you will be awarded with reward containers which can contain occasionally Ashlander Motif Chapters To access Vvardenfell you need the Morrowind Chapter To craft the Ashlander Style you need Ash Canvas which can be earned from the same daily quests from Numani-Rasi and Huntmaster Sorim-Narkar in Ald`ruhn Enjoy the Video and it would be great if you subscribe, like or leave me a comment Have a nice day and until next time.


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