Hello everyone and welcome! My name is Tianlein and today i show you how and where you can accquire the sixth house Robe costume and the Memento Dreamer`s Chime in Morrowind If you are interested in a specific topic take a look in the descripton First we have to travel to Vvardenfell to the Valley of the Wind Wayshrine From here travel west to the Public Dungeon Forgotten Wastes Here you have to find the seven fragments of the Sixth House Robe.

The Sixth House Ornamental Fasteners, the Sixth House Tailor`s Bell, the Sixth House Tailor`s Shears, the Sixth House Writhing Thread the Sixth House Incense of Toolwork the Sixth House Patterned Bolt and the Sixth House Tailor`s Hammer The Sixth House Robe Fragments can drop from any enemies or bosses in the Forgotten Wastes Dungeon You just have to get lucky with the drops In case you are not in the mood to farm the enemies in the Forgotten Wastes Dungeon or you are missing some pieces you can buy the Sixth House Robe Fragments or even the the Sixth House Robe Costume Runebox at the Guild Stores After you obtained the seven Sixth House Robe Costume Parts you have to combine them to a Sixth House Robe Costume Runebox.

It is possible to trade, mail or place the Sixth House Robe Costume Runebox at the Guild Bank or Guild Store Otherwise when you open the Runebox the Costume will be bound and added to your account And now you got your own Sixth House Robe Costume You can find another Collectible at the Forgotten Wastes Dungeon Near the Dungeon entrance you will find the NPC Tythis Nirith Speak with him to receive the Quest Echoes of a Fallen House For completing the Echoes of a Fallen House quest you will be rewarded with the Memento Dreamer`s Chime Enjoy your new Sixth House Robe Costume and Dreamer`s Chime Memento for the Elder Scrolls Online Thanks for watching and it would be great if you subscribe, like or leave a comment Have a nice day and until next time.Tschüss!

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