Welcome to an in depth look at a Stamina Warden healing build! Ever since I saw the morphs for the various heals, and the passives in the green balance tree- I told myself it could be done, it could be effective. Thus far, there have been challenges and a bit of a learning curve- but it’s refreshed the game play for me, instead of feeling like I’m falling asleep behind a templar healer- I feel like I have to pay attention. I do not recommend this build to players first time healing in Elder Scrolls Online, however- let alone players who have never healed in MMOrpg’s.

I have successfully ran 4-man veteran content, and hard mode with this build. I have also successfully healed all normal trials with it without any issues.

So if you need a build that is different, new and fun- let me introduce you to my Green Lotus Eater.

Note: inspired by Y’ffre’s Guardian build by Cellentel
>This build is also a ‘hybrid’ healer, but focuses on the stamina aspect. Make sure you distribute your points accordingly depending on your magi needs. I run with bows, you could run with a staff to get more healing of course. Being that this is a super dooper #OffMeta build, its kinda experiment, have fun and play the game how you want it while still being effective for the role and content you play. I hope you try their build or this one!

What this build provides:

  • Stamina based game play that is in the role of a healer and has dps options. but should not ever be considered a replacement for a dps. It performs in the role of a healer in terms of functionality.
  • Debuffs on enemies, buffs to party members.
  • Something new and flexible, works with the warden class nicely. Its not easy being green.
  • Effective in trials, veteran 4mans. Not everyone has to be blue to be cool.
  • A higher learning curve to healing in ESO then most builds, but not impossible to learn or enjoy.


  • Build: how and why
  • Gear and weapons: options and play style, racials discussed here
  • Champion Points
  • Consumables

Build: how and why

For my build and what I’ve been doing, this is what’s been working for me.
Main bar: Two handed weapon (Axe preference- powered stat with weapon damage enchant)
Back bar: Bow. (powered, magika steal enchant)

Two handed Bar 
1- Subterranean Assult Your bread and butter for AOE dmg as well as to provide a debuff for your DPS in the group. Be sure to line it up to hit as many mobs possible if in AOE situations, and rotate to keep the debuff up on bosses, you want to support your DPS with major fracture. You can swap this out with crushing weapon if there is another DPS that is providing major fracture. If you have someone who can provide major fracture, then go ahead and swap it out for Cutting Dive.
2. Ring of Preservation This is a great ring of awesome, plop down near the boss for the melee/tank or where ever the range are. You can stand in it as well, much as a templar would with their own runes.
3. Budding Seeds: : I put this on the front bar so I don’t get caught in a GCD with no heal, just in case- as well as this is a magical-based heal. Meaning your passive “Nature’s Gift” will allow your stamina and magika to convert to one another in restrore your lowest pool as needed when someone is healed. This also provides a leave it and forget AOE heal- it’s a large enough radius that most players will get hit by it, even that pesky ranged guy who refuses to stack up. Having this one as well be morphed this way will also allow you to instant heal like Healing Springs with a restro-staff, just with an extra click instead- if you had to spam it for any reason (Advice: spamming vigor or spores is more effective, but if resource strained, this will work) (The other morph for Defile would be good too)
4. Bull Netch: This is your berserk and stamina restore so you can do more everything.
5. Expansive Frost CloakI went with this morph because we’re not working with a magika build, and most of your magika moves are needed for restoring your stamina or light side healing. This helps keep the entire party rugged and a little more durrible. However if you are in a group with another warden, consider swapping this out for a move in the Fighter’s Guild tree called ‘Ring of Preservation’.

ULT- Enchanted Forest: I went with this morph for more healing after it ends, and it’s great when you’re low on resources- very cheap ult all things considered and you get ult back so it can be spammed. Great to use in heavy healing phases as well.

Bow Bar 
1. *Mend Spirit: For when you need a big target heal. After update it may proc with your Green Lotus as well? This spot is sorta in flux until then, but In the mean time, I currently run with Efficient Purge when I am not running with a templar. If you run with a templar who is dropping ritual, you could swap for Leaching Vines.
2. Spirit Orb: You will want to pump out one or two of these at a time, to help restore people’s resources as well as some light long range healing. Nice and lazy. Unless you have a templar dropping shards, this slot can be flexed for something else or enjoy the lazy heal orbs.
3. Soothing Spores: This morph is scaled to Scales off max Stamina. Thus why we need to look at gear that maximizes that. This allows the warden to effectively heal as a stamina build.
4. Echoing Vigor:This move will be nessisary for Powerful Assult to proc (as it does not work with other heals/moves other then ones in the assult line). THis also provides another stamina heal and a heal over time. You need to be careful with spamming this, yes it does heal a huge radius so it’s good for when damage heavy phases are all over the place. I tend to try to only use it once ever 4 (for the hot) or 14 seconds to prevent stamina depletion. Depending on the fight.
5. Green Lotus: Your bread and butter. This will keep your crit up at a decent rate, as well as make all your heavy/light attacks into healing as you restore your own stamina pool, and stop any down time from healing between. Be sure to weave attacks, and not just spam.
ULT- Aggressive Warhorn- What a better way to support your party’s DPS then by making them do more of it? Warhorn is on here to make everyone do more of everything better. It takes a bit to build up, but it’s great to open with and end the fight with it.

Because this build does not run a clense, or Mutagen from restro staff, you may need to slot PVP Purge, or you can get rings and weapons of Stendarrs to help with cleansing. It all depends on who you are running with and what is needed for your group.

Gear and weapons: options, play style, and radials discussed– How do they work? Magnets? Miracles?

We want to look for max staminia sets, and either use the tower or the warrior for mundus. Ideally all the peices are infused or divines and the weapons being powered or if a dps set (nirnhorn/critical/penetration). This should be considered as well with racial bonuses.

You want 5/5 of both Hircine’s and Powerful Assault to be a functioning healer that provides utility to your group for damage increase (much like SPC), and a group wide buff that at the very least, the tank and yourself will love. You want Hircines to be active at all times, and Powerful can be back bar as long as you remember to refresh the buff every 15 seconds.

You could play with an The Asylum’s Greatsword and generate more ult to spam more horns, if you are comfortable swapping out subterranean/dive for Reverse Slash.
Stendarrs is another set you can play with (rings/weps only), and line it up along side with Powerful Assault to provide more active clenses to your group, depending on how it’s needed for the content you are doing.

Cellentel recommends War Machine which I agree with is pretty rad. Personally for me I swap out Powerful Assault and run War + Hircine in my own experience and try to gen more ult via a Decisive weapon on front bar and using advantage of the Enchanted Forest. Both are viable (buff from Powerful assault + war or War + Hircine )

Infused- Shoulders, Helm, Chest, Legs
Divines- Belt, Gloves, Boots
Triune or Robust- Ring Ring
Triune or Robust- Neck

Axe (or two hander in general)- Infused, Nirnhorn, Sharpened or Decisive
Bow- Powered

Monster set options:
You could either go with two 1 peices (max stam, max stam + healing, max stam + stam recovery) ( I prefer Dominhaus with something else)
Or you could go with healing added pieces such as:

Max Stamina is the focus on the body pieces, however Tri-Stats can be used to adjust if you feel your magika and health are not there needed for the build to be comfortable.

Weapons should consider Magicka Steal on the bow and weapon damage on the two hander.

Rings you can do things like increased weapon damage, or stamina recovery depending on your preferences and needs- as both will benefit your healing (see: soothing spores and vigor scale) or sustain your resource. Vigor scales with weapon damage.
You should consider max stam or triune for the ring stats.

Racial Options
Your racial bonuses make up for 5% of what your build is going to do. Be it defense, heal or offensive roles- thats a whole whopping 5% that can break or make something in end game come veteran/hard mode style game play. However for the casual who has no desire to ever see these types of modes, racial should never break your immersion or roleplay desires- and by and large can ignore this section. This is your game, yo

  • Dunmer– Possibly the best option for this build, providing enough resource for magika as well as as stamina- allowing this build to be flexible and if one wanted to use a restro-staff instead of a bow, to swap out some of the heals, it could be able to convert easily.
  • Redguard– The best for sustainible stamina. Having max stamina, restroring stamina passives- it’s a good all around option for both healing and DPS.
  • Orsimer/Nord/Imperial/Khajit/Bosme– All have stamina passives, and mix bagged results for this build in terms of stamina healing. If you are looking for something more survivable- , Nord and Imperial and bosmer are good options. While, Khajit and Orsimer have more offensive passives.
  • Argonian– They get a bonus to healing, and have max magika passives- but will not have the stamina passives as other races. Over all not the worst choice.
  • High Elf/Breton– Possibly the lower end of good options for a stamina build in terms of beneficial radials. They all have max magika oriented ones, and High elf adds to elemental based damage.


Champion Points

My best advice would be to consider increasing your passive healing, increase your stamina regen, and get things that reduce your break outs. This role is a healer, nothing else. I have tweaked this a few times and still haven’t found a total complete love for one over the other.

Champion Points
Details here


So here we have some flexibility. Mind you, this build is using the passives of the weapons, armor and various three aspects ( animal companion, green balance and winter’s embrace). This includes the heavy armor passive (Juggernaut)- providing a base of health, and the undaunted passives (mettle and command). Ideally, you want to wear 5 medium, 1 heavy, 1 magika. If you are not comfortable with the health, you can wear 5 medium, and 2 heavy (especially if you do not have undaunted rank 10 yet).

With everything buffed, food/armor ect- you want at least 18k hit points so you can be able to surivivie area of affect damage in trials and dungeons.

Braised Rabbit with Spring Vegetables (Max Health+Max Stamina) or Cameron Throne (Health + Max Stamina and Stamina Recovery) are great options. Tri-stat food (max health, max magika, max stamina) are also good options if you feel you are lacking resources.I personally run with max-tri stat food as I run a redguard, and find that magi needs the extra love.

Closing thoughts:

I’ve been enjoying this build, tweaking it here and there based off of my experiences. However we all don’t play the same, and I welcome comments/adjustments or personal play styles inspired by this guide.


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