Hello everyone, my name is Tianlein and today we talk about skins which you can acquire for free in the elder scrolls online I will show you how the skins look like and how and where you can obtain them With free i mean that you don`t have to buy them with crowns but in this case you will need to be able to access some of the DLC`s Also you have to be aware that you have to complete some difficult content to obtain these skins For the first two skins you need access to the Shadow of the Hist DLC Both Dungeons are not the easiest ones and you need to complete multiple achievements to get these skins To track your progress you can find an achievement overview in your achievement journal To acquire the Amber Plasm skin you have to complete the Ruins of Mazzatun challanger achievement of the Veteran Ruins of Mazzatun Dungeon For example you have to complete the veteran Ruins of mazzatun dungeon without suffering a group member death.

Then you have to successfully complete a speedrun of the dungeon in veteran difficulty and defeat all bosses in 30 minutes Additionaly you have to defeat the dungeon bosses on veteran hardmode The Spiderkith Skin is obtainable in the veteran Cradle of Shadows dungeon and you have to complete the “Cradle of Shadows Challenger” achievement You have to accomplish also a no death run, a speed run and defeat the last boss on hardmode on veteran difficulty of the cradle of shadows dungeon The Dreadhorn Shaman Skin can be obtained in the the Falkreath Hold Dungeon which is part of the Horns of the Reach DLC For completing the Falkreath Hold Challenger Achievement you will be awarded with the Dreadhorn Shaman Skin here you have to complete a speed run, a no death run and also defeat the last boss on hardmode on veteran difficulty of Falkreath Hold Dungeon If you own the Imperial city DLC you can try to acquire the Soul shriven Skin Don`t forget that the Imperial City and the Imperial city Sewers are a PvP area This Skin can be found in the center of the Imperial Sewers, the Barathrum Centrat In the center of the room are three portals which spawn random Xivkyn generals during their final wave After you closed all three portals the boss a simulacrum of Molag Bal will be summoned.

There is a very rare chance to get the Soul Shriven skin by defeating the Simulacrum of Molag Bal It’s important to note that a maximum of twelve players can earn the event reward, that means when you fight with more, that some people will get nothing from the Sumulacrum boss To receive the following skins you have to complete specfic Trials on veteran difficulty Not only that you need to find a group of 12 people to be able to complete this trials, you also have to keep in mind that these veteran trials are one of the hardest contents in the elder scrolls online To be able to obtain for the dro-m’athra skin you need to have access to the thieves guild dlc If complete the Trial Maw of Lorkhaj on veteran difficulty you will be rewarded with the dro-m’athra skin The next Skin can be obtained in Vvardenfell. You need to own the Morrowind chapter to be able to access Vvardenfell If you successfully complete the Trial halls of Fabricaton on Veteran mode you will be awarded with the Fabrication Sheath In the clockwork city dlc you have the opportunity to obtain the Sanctified Silver Skin You have to successfully defeat the bosses Saint Olms and his allies Saint Llothis and Saint Felms in the Trial Asylum Sanctorium on veteran difficulty.

Only when you fight and defeat all three bosses at the same time, which is the hardest configuration of the trial, you will earn the Sanctified Silver skin. I hope you enjoyed my overview of all collectible skins in the elder scrolls online Thanks for watching and it would be amazing if you subscribe, like or leave me a comment Have a good day and until next time Tschüss!.

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