Hello and welcome to my armor and weapon showcase of the Skinchanger Style in The Elderscrolls Online My name is Tianlein and today I will show you the Skinchanger Motif for all armor and weapon classes for male and female charakters and dyed versions of the armor too If you want to jump direct to a specific armor or weapon take a look in the description I don`t know when the Skinchanger Motif will be ingame available but I guess that it will come with the “New Life Festival” which will be maybe around Christmas and New Year.

It will probably be obtainable in a similar way like the Hollowjack Style for the Witches Festival Thats all not 100% confirmed and i`m really not sure so dont`t get mad at me when it will be different I will place in the description this information too and update it when there is an official announcement To craft the Skinchanger Motif you need Wolfsbane Incense or mimic stones.

This upcoming Motif looks so amazing I would really like to have the light hood for the medium armor but the medium helmet is not bad either and the Skinchanger Style fits perfectly to my lovely Wolf Mount so its really great 🙂 In my opinion they made a really great job with the Skinchanger Style and put much love and effort in every little detail But check it out for yourself and leave a comment what you think about this upcoming Motif Enjoy the Video and it would be really great if you subscribe, like or leave a comment and I wish you all a nice day and I hope I see you in my next video again.

Bye bye!.

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