Hello everyone and welcome to my showcase of the Stalhrim Frostcaster style. My name is Tianlein and I will show you the Stalhrim Frostcaster style in all armor and weapon classes and of course for male and female characters. This time I added a part with the dyed armor versions too. Just take a look in the description if you want to jump direct to a specific armor or weapon part. Personally I love this style. Just take a look at the bow or the staff there are so many small details which make this style really awesome. The spikes on the shoulders is not my taste but overall the Stalhrim Frostcaster style is for me really great.

Take a look for yourself and leave a comment whats your opinion about this upcoming motif. I found the Stalhrim Frostcaster motif on the test server. So I dont really know when it will be ingame available, how it will be obtainable or if it will be a crown store exclusiv motif. To craft the Stalhrim Frostcaster motif you need Stalhrim Shards or just Mimic Stones. If you have any suggestions if I should place my focus in the next showcase more on a specific armor or weapon part please just leave a comment. Enjoy the video and it would be really awesome if you subscribe, like or leave a comment. I wish you a nice day and I hope I see you next time again. Bye bye!.

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