The biggest tip I have for PS4 users is to switch the right thumb stick click with the Left D-Pad through settings>Accessibility > Button Assignments
Swapping bars with thumb click has been a game changer for me.

These builds aren’t gonna help you top leaderboard charts, but if struggling in some areas, they can help.

Vicious Ophidian. Many builds utilize VO for Maelstrom because it is a sustain set and DPS set all in one. It is invaluable for beginners and pros alike. Even in blue quality it still is very good gear for this. Drops from all 3 craglorn Trials.

All weapons will be legendary. Front hand Nirnhoned with Poison enchant, backhand Infused with weapon power enchant.

Daggers will probably work best, but Axes, swords or combination won’t make a huge difference.

Level alchemy up to get all the medicinal use passive for longer potion effects. If mixing heavy or light armor for undaunted also take the first 3 armor passives that don’t require 5 pieces worn for maximum benefit

Vigor and caltrops. Pretty much any stam toon I’ve used absolutely has to have vigor and caltrops. The warden and maybe StamSorc may be able to do without but it’s an essential heal for learning.

Use double damage poison on bow. Fleshy Larve, Nirnroot, Nightshade. It makes a big difference.

Light attacks between skills on bow bar, heavy attacks on DW bar.

Assume all class passives are taken, though not all classes make use of all their passives, so use judgement on class.

Use sigils when you need them. The health and defense sigils are really strong. The speed sigil also helps get resources back faster. The power has been least helpful to me, but if you need it go for it.

Try to lock mobs down with trap, then set endless hail on them. In many rounds a bow heavy attack immediately followed by a poison inject is all that’s needed to kill mobs.

Start charging up your heavy attack while running up to an enemy so it goes off as you get to them. Don’t run up to enemy and then start charging up heavy attack. You get better with this over time.

When you see archers raise their bow and they start glowing red, bash them. Their getting ready to one shot you.

Always be looking around for the next mob. Eventually you start learning where they’re gonna be, and which ones to take out first.

Stamplar (Stamina Templar) 

This setup is absolutely beastly on the stat chart and one of my favorite to play. There’s enough health, recovery, resources and weapon damage to do anything.

I’m using the Lover Mundus and Dubious Comoran Throne drink. all Weapon Damage enchant jewelry

5 Dreugh King Slayer With Chest/Legs/Jewelry
5 Hundings Rage medium Divines with Daggers
Mighty Chudan Monster Set head and shoulder Medium Divines

Biting Jabs, Blood Craze, Power of the Light, Vigor, Repentance Dawnbreaker
Endless Hail, Poison Injection, Rearming Trap, repentance, Caltrops Ballista

Double bar repentance. Use it often. I use regular dungeon stamina pots for most the fights, then swap to Tristat Pots if having sustain problems.

For bosses, do a rotation. Trap, endless, caltrops, P inject swap Power of the light, blood craze, Jabs heavy attack Jabs heavy attack power of the light swap start over. Use ultimates. Often. Ballista is super strong Ult, but sometimes Dawnbreaker is enough and it comes up quicker.

Stamplar gets major savagery from using Jabs.


StamBlade is known to be squishy. You get major resistances from surprise attack shadow passives. It’s sometimes not enough for me though so.

squishy, so I beef this guy up a lot with 1 piece monster set. If you have problems with flame spinners, ice mages or creamatorial guards, this will ease that pain. I try going all Damage like Veledreth or stormfist sometimes, but keep coming back to add armor monster 1 piece. It helps.

Lover Mundus Blue food.

2 stamina recovery jewelry enchants, 1 Weapon Damage. Start with all Stam recovery if you have resource management issues. It really is amazing how little Weapon damage is needed for StamBlade to do good in here. When you start getting really good, then I’d bump up the jewelry enchants.

5 Vicious Ophidian jewelry/Daggers
5 Two Fanged Snake (Body)
Pirate Skeleton Head (Heavy)
Mighty Chudan or Lord Warden Shoulder (medium)

Ok, not everyone is gonna have that, so maybe try

5 Bone Pirate
5 Hundings or NMG
Kraghs Head Heavy
Mighty Chudan, Lord Warden, Skeleton Pirate medium

Or maybe

5 Hundings
3 Agility or Vengance Leech
2 ShackleBreaker Dagger(adds 129 WD)
2Monster Pieces

Briarhearts is a solid replacement for Hundings

If you go with bone pirate as your sustain set, remember to use Dubious Comoran Throne Drink. Maybe leave the heavy head in healthy trait. Goal is to get health over 18K. Can also switch put attribute points in health.

This guy has to have crafted weapon power potions. Blessed thistle, DragonThorn, Wormwood. There’s other ingredients you can use but I only remember this one.

You can use regular potions for rounds, but I’d highly advise crafted ones for bosses.

When running up to a mob with heavy attack with this guy, immediately follow with a surprise attack.

Surprise attack, blood craze, killers Blade, Vigor, siphoning attacks Dawnbreaker
Endless, rearming trap, poison Injection, relentless focus, Caltrops Ballista

When first learning, I put vigor on both bars. Also, I don’t beat myself up about getting Assassin will procs from relentless or not. It’s all about the extra %10 recovery.

Before fight, siphoning, relentless, potion. Endless, caltrops, trap, Poison Inj, swap surprise attack, blood craze. Killers Blade in execute range. Ballista will melt a Crematorial Guard with a quickness.

Block casting. If boss/mob is almost dead and your finishing it off but wary of imminent death hold block while executing. In fact, you can block many attacks to survive. And dodgeroll. I dodgeroll a lot.

StamDen (Stamina Warden)

This guy is becoming my new favorite toon to play. Cheap easy tanky, great group utility. Solid character.

Lover mundus, blue food

5 Vicious Ophidian
2 mighty Chudan

Subterranean Assault, blood Craze, bloodthirst, Lotus, Netch Bear
Endless hail, Trap, caltrops, poison inject, Vigor bear.

Lotus gives you major savagery and heals you when you hit targets. You could put it on back bar and move Vigor to the front.
Netch gives you major brutality and restores stamina, you want it up pretty much all the time.

Sub assault hits like a truck and also happens to be an AOE debuf providing major fracture. It really great skill to keep popping off, a little awkward from the delay, but it’s your bread and butter skill for good damage. The timing is strange like sub assault, heavy attack, bloodthirst, subassault. There’s some perfected warden Rita
Rotations out there somewhere.

I tried swapping bloodthirst out with the cliff racer. Well then I went back to bloodthirst. It’s basically just my spammable and heals a little bit and fits my bad timing well. Maybe you can use hidden blade or something?

The bear ultimate. Well, he helps out a good bit. Tanking for me, keeping the class unique. Hits hard and is cheep to use. His survivability is somewhat lacking and wonky to fire off sometimes, but so is ballista.

Warden has ice fortress skill could use for major resistance, but there’s a good bit of buffs to keep up already for me. It does give it to whole group too.

In group play, I have swapped out to Veledreth or selenes, but solo I like the tankyness of Chudan.

StamSorc (Stamina Sorcerer)

They are ridiculously strong; have crazy heals constantly coming in and dish out monster damage. Maelstrom may take some getting used to, but that’s more a learning thing. I don’t often play this guy….it’s the easiest class to play, but tough to really master.

5 Vicious Ophidian
5 Automaton
2 Stormfist

Twice born star, Agility, Damage Monster Set and special weapons used to be BiS and is still pretty good.

5 VO
5 Hundings or NMG

Bound armaments, Crit surge, blood craze, flex(blood thirst, Steel Tornado, shrouded daggers), Hurricane. Ultimate, suppression field, Dawnbreaker, Rend
Bound armaments , Vigor , Endless hail, poison inject, (caltrops/Trap ). Ultimate Ballista

Bound armaments gives you more stamina, minor defense buff, but has to be double barred. It’s good to keep on.
Hurricane does good damage, and major resistances. Keep it up all the time, but let it run out on its own, as the damage increases over time.
Crit surge gives you major brutality and heals you when you Crit. They’ve nerffed it a few times. It’s still pretty good.

This guy does a lot of heavy attacks, so I use full damage glyphs on jewelry. With Crit surge, Hurricane up you can steel tornado your way through some crazy stuff.

Stam DK (dragon knights)

I’m not gonna lie, Stam DK was the hardest class I have ran through Maelstrom. It may have been my build, the new flavor of the month Mechanical Accuity, with Sunderflame and Spawn of Mephala. I had 2 axes cause someone good told me to use them….we’re not seeing eye to eye on this. and maelstrom bow, so I’m definitely biased on this class. I had a heck of a hard time. I only did it once, and probably won’t do it again on that build.

I would probably use
5 VO
5 Hundings or NMG
Monster Set. Maybe Skoria or Veledreth or mephala.

Hardened armor, venom claw, noxious breath, blood craze, flex spammable( shrouded daggers, Blade cloak, steel tornado) Ultimate (Standard of Might, Dawnbreaker, Rend) I prefer Dawnbreaker. It just worked better for me.
Endless, caltrops, Trap, poison injection, vigor. Ultimate Ballista

My skills don’t seem to hit really that hard but the dots are strong and many with this character.

The DK is probably the class best suited to go with 2H, but I get hung up in there on a few places with it on other classes so haven’t tried it again.

Breakdown of levels as I see it. 

1.) straight forward with a soft DPS check boss. Basically, if he jumps more than twice on you, work on getting that damage up a little bit.

2.) healing through constant damage. Learn your bars. When you first come in, go to the ad at left. Stay there til boss round. Keep endless and caltrops up. Vigor a lot. Heavy bow attack followed by poison injection kills most ads. Maybe 2 heavy attacks on larger spheres.

3.) lamia slow down stage. The stranglers are annoying. The ice mages are big pain and deal with them quick. Dodge roll with bow bar for speed. Grab sigils when you need them. Stay to the side of the boss and you won’t get stunned. Break free if you do. Grab sigils. Keep up healing and buffs. Kill the ice mages and the boss. Water and electricity don’t mix.

4.) they start ramping up the ads coming at you here. Think skyreach. Set endless, caltrops and run them through here. It’s why I like Dawnbreaker so much. The little guys that become invincible if you don’t kill them first. You can build up resources on them with heavy attacks. And get sweet heals from them with blood craze.
The engine Guardian boss has a safe spot underneath get your dots on her and when safe goes away, remember to Endless at least before running around trying to survive.

5.) the dreaded ice stage. She sucks. In a big major way. Whatever works for you here. Kill the trolls. Grab sigils. Kill the ranged ads. I try to start at speed sigil, go to health sigil and finish up at defense sigil and weapon power sigil. Don’t get hung up on any part of the rounds leading up. Use sigils if you need. Use more recovery glyphs jewelry if resource management is the issue. Use ultimates more timely. Learn the priority mobs. All ranged mobs are big pain here because they love standing way out in the icy water. Keep your buffs up. The mob attacks hurt a lot less when your buffs are up. Many of those attacks would barely tickle if defenses were up.
Archers and ice chillbane are my biggest problem here

6.) spiders. There’s a mechanic that can be done here….I’m really bad at mechanics, so I just go in and kill stuff. You can try to kill the hoarders ne’er the webbed totems and get all 5 clear and that subdues the enemies. Or you can run around killing everything like I do. When the little red invincible spiders come out, run to the one lite totem and they come to you and go away. If I’m having problems, use sigils. Run around. Roll dodge. A lot. Heal constantly. Damage everything.

Just keep your endless hail on the boss. Kill the little spiders that look like miniature version of the boss. Heal. Avoid the lightning and one shot that comes from the boss.

7.) the poison round. The archers here are brutal. Keep defenses up. Heal. Endless hail and heavy attack the heck out of things here. Oh, and the poison callers. They’re very easy to kill and you should kill them quickly. The wamasu boss has been the one to give me most trouble through the rounds. His seeking lightning ball attack is pretty potent, but when he jumps up in the air and releases the shock waves….well, you learn to keep a distance from him and then move out of the way. Also kill that pesky archer before the fight gets going really good. And remember a poison caller will likely spawn during every round and they’re quite inconvenient. Sometimes, they don’t spawn til the start of the next round. You know what to do.

The Argonian behemoth. Fortunately this guy spawns right in front of the health sigil. I usually grab it just because. Now you get to practice that killer rotation you worked out. During the fights couple minders come out. They get kind of annoying so if you kill one, it sets boss into a scream and the other one sets up a bubble. Hide in the bubble. After you do this a few times you get to catch your breath for a second and use this time to set endless hail on the boss and heavy attack him a few times. When he’s almost done screaming, start working on killing that bubble maker. Right about now another poison caller should be spawning. Take care of that real quick and think about grabbing a sigil. Back to work on the boss. He should be almost dead by now, so you have a choice. Kill the minders that just start spawning in and the poison caller that will likely follow. Or kill the boss.

8.) The Igneous Cistern AkA the flaming pit of toilet
This is one of the easier rounds, but I get hung up here when trying to use a 2H. I’m probably just bad. Flame spinners and healers. They look about the same, but one is quite a bit more deadly then others. Bash the spinners. Uhm…sometimes they get out of sync and become un bash able. Shame on ZOS. Looks like you’re gonna have to eat it. Or maybe you can kill them. Whatever works for you. The annoying 2H Crit rush wrecking blow guys. I said they’re annoying right. Yeah kill them. But flame spinners first. Lurcher bosses. You can’t damage them until you kill the totem, so kill the totem. They send a nasty lava wave attack at you. Get out of the way. The cc and beat on you but not to hard to kill. The boss. Well, this guy has all three totems to take out before you can damage her. She’s a pain. Gets flame spinner buddies to help out through the round. You gotta take care of them. Sometimes it doesn’t give you enough time to do damage on boss, prolonging the fight. This boss does a massive flame attack. If you keep a far distance from her, you can easily side step the flames and finish her off peacefully.

9.) the theatre of despair. 5 rounds of poop and a big 3 stage boss fight.

This level has these nasty creamatorial guards. They often one shot unprepared players by melting them. That’s why I add so much resistance to my builds. You can face tank them and heal through they’re damage while sending them back to oblivion from where they came.

I expect you won’t have much any problem til the Bone Collosus summoner round with the ogrims. There’s a few tactics you can do here. Hard to time, but if you can’t kill the Narkanz dude before he calls the Collosus use the golden ghost as soon it comes up and take care of it. Or use ghost, kill ogrim, then narkanz. Lock them in place with trap and endless them. Use sigils. Kill the other one. Etc.

The ash titan. Remember the Creamatorial guard spawns by the weapon power sigil. You probably don’t need that. Anyways, after he’s dead, go set trap, caltrops endless in the middle. Beat on him for a minute. Vigor. When he knocks you back grab the healing or defense sigil. Oh yeah, you can block those knockback attacks. He should be almost dead when all his buddies start spawning in. Watch for the archers. Raise hands and glow red. Bash em. Kill em real quick. Do something.

Boss round. Solkyn Voriak. I imagine you’re gonna have a few times to practice this fight. I start by buff, trap, caltrops, Endless, Swap, block roll something..Ult spam. You have about 10 seconds to do 300k damage to this guy and send him straight upstairs. Or he ports. Then bash him. Grab health sigil. Cream guard is coming. Endless caltrops swap spamm etc. %70 he goes upstairs. Kill the guard. Kill the spectral clanfear by the portal. Potions. Beat on the healer to get resources back if your low. Take the portal.

Alright, now you’re upstairs with full resources. 3 dots on crystal dodge/block keep damage on crystals, hide behind walls, keep moving poison inject is good. Endless, vigor. Keep vigor going. Blood craze. Keep eyes on boss. Block or dodge. Move out of meteors. Eventually you kill all crystals. Ok. After second wall crystals should be almost done. If not, consider popping vigor, jump down and deal with cream guard. And go back up. It sucks, but is possible.

Alright. Now you get knocked off the top and get back to whooping up on Solkyn. If you still have the defense sigil grab it now. If not, bash the boss in a hurry. Grab golden ghosts. Very important to get those ghosts. Set endless on him. Do rotations when he ports, get the ghost. Choose to kill the narkanz colossus dude or not. Keep heals going. When he ports again, get the ghost and use it. Now you have a choice. Kill the guard or kill him. There will be an interrupt coming up soon.

Usually I just kill him and all works out well!

Congrats! You just beat Maelstrom. Or not. Do it again.


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