I tried to find a way to beat him but was unable to find any sort of guide to killing K’Tora but I managed to figure out a way that worked for me. I apologize if someone has already posted about this ( This is In the mind-world, not far enough in the story to know if you fight him again or not):

1) Get a decent bow – use heavy attacks
2) Ignore the orbs
3) Play keep away with the Adds. As long as you don’t kill them more won’t be summoned. If you can play keep away then you can focus more on attacking K’Tora
4) Keep an eye on the red circles as well during all of this.
5) Make sure you have a way to heal yourself
6) If you are a Warden having the bear helps. My morph for it is Eternal Guardian. (I’ve only played the Warden class so far so I don’t know any tips for the other classes)


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