Caius here, just wanted to share with the community the latest Werewolf pvp build I’ve been having fun with.

Link to build detail and buffed stats:

Race: Argonian (Resourceful racial passives every important for this particular build)

Class: Templar Human form allows us access to a cleanse, major defile via dark flare, and honor the dead scales strongly with max spell damage. That being said the build can be tweeked to work with all classes.

5-1-1 Heavy, Stamina Enchants Infused on large, Impenetrable on small.

-Kena x2
-Clever Alchemist x5
-Pelinal’s x5 on DW Bar/Werewolf Bar (3x Pelinals 2x Shackle Breaker on front Bar Twohander)


-Frontbar: Shackle breaker Two-Handed Axe Nirn (Asylum twohand option) Damage Health Poison
-Backbar: Main hand Nirn axe with Magic restore, Offhand Infused weapon damage/ spell damage glyph.


We are using Clever Alchemist infused Jewlery enchanted with decrease potion cooldown enchants. This in itself will give us nearly 70% uptime on our Clever Alchemist proc. We are also an Argonian to take advantage of the resourceful passive that grants us 4620 Magicka, Health, Stamina every time we use a potion. This is going to give us a chunk of our sustain that is missing from our stat sheet as we now cut our potion cooldown in half.

We are going to pair this with a staple werewolf combo of Pelinals and Molag Kena. Amping our damage and healing.

In Practice

Monstrous Thirst, allows you to adapt to your fights quickly by using different combinations of potions to suit your current needs. You can overlap various potions to stack different effects catering to rapidly changing atmosphere of Cyrodiil. You can have a 70% uptime on Major Vitality, or if you are hunting Nightblades a 70% uptime on detect pots. Another unique approach is investing 75 points into the apprentice, this will unlock an extra bit of magicka sustain through the CP passive Foresight (When you drink a potion, the cost of your next Magicka ability used within 7 seconds is reduced by 80%).


-Less maximum stats to operate with.
-Expensive, doubles potion consumption, makes you wish you had a sponsor.
-Proc potions only in combat takes a little adjustment.


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