Hello everyone, my name is Tianlein and today we talk about the new Transmutation system which will be introduced with the Clockwork City Update The Transmutation system will will added to the base game, that means you don`t have to buy the Clockwork City DLC to get the ability to transform item traits So, what can you do with Transmutation in the Elder Scrolls Online? Transmutation will allow you to permanently change the Trait of Armor and weapon pieces to a Trait of your choosing. Of course you have to first met some requirements to be able to transmute an item First you need to have previously researched the desired trait. That means if you want to transmute for example an item with the trait “well fitted” to “divine” you have to have analyzed and learned already the divine trait for that item Also Transmutation can only be done at the Transmute Station, which is a new service station found in the brass Fortress of Clockwork City. You can find the Transmute Station in the Hall of Refined Techniques which is in the center of brass fortress.

To be able to access Clockwork city you need to own the Clockwork City DLC or an acitve ESO Plus subscription If you are looking to get your personal Transmute Station for your Home or Guild House you can also purchase for 1250 writ vouchers a Transmute Station from Rolis Hlaalu the Master Writ Merchant Additonaly you can buy or sell these Transmute Stations at the guild store. I guess they will cost a lot of gold since you need such a high amount of writ vouchers to obtain them.

In case you don`t know how you can obtain writ vouchers i will link my Master Crafting Writs Video in the description below. Another option to obtain a Transmute Station is that you can buy one Transmute Station with crowns. Enter the Housing Crown Store while you are at your house. There you can purchase for 1000 crowns your personal Transmute Station. If you can`t access any of the mentioned options you can ask your guilds. Most guilds have their own guild hall which are well furnished and i am sure that most guilds will get quick a Transmute Station for their Guild members. Beside of knowing your traits and access to a Transmute Station you have to collect also Transmute Crystals. You can collect a maximum of 100 Crystals and when you are an ESO Plus Member you can collect up to 200 Transmute Crystals. These Crystals are like a special currency and you can not trade, sell or bank them but they are stored at your account That means the Transmute Crystals are account wide for all your characters available. If you transmute an item it will become bound to you account. That means a transmuted item cannot be sold or traded Also you can`t use a transmuted item for your reseach and it is not possible to transmute jewelry You need 50 Transmute Crystals to change a trait of one item The Transmute System is pretty straight forward.

You approach a Transmute Station of your choice. Choose the item you want to transmute and then which trait you want have As mentioned before you have to pay 50 Transmute Chrystals and then we are already done. You will see this new transmute icon next to the item. If you like to you can change the trait of the same item multiple times.

When i tested the transmutation on the Testserver it didn`t use a trait stone in the Tramutation process That means i could even change an item to nirnhoned without using a nirncrux. I don`t know if that will stay like that in the future. The most important question is now how and where can you acquire Transmutation Crystals? You can obtain Transmutation Crystals in Transmutation Geodes and Uncracked Transmutation Geodes Transmutation Geodes always give a set amount of Crystals and Uncracked Transmutation Geodes give a random amount of Crystals The higher a Geode’s quality, the more Crystals it will provide and you can acquire these Geodes from different activities. If you like to challenge yourself in normal and veteran dungeons you will find there many possibilities to earn Transmute Crystals. For example you can earn Transmute Crystals from doing the daily undaunted pledges Also you can earn Transmute Crystals from random normal or veteran dungeons which you can access via the group finder tool Additionaly you can get occasionally from the final boss of a normal dungeon a Uncracked Transmutation Geode.

From the final boss of a veteran dungeon you will get more likely a Uncracked Transmutation Geode This Geodes provide you with at least one Transmute Crystal up to 10 Transmute Crystals. For completing the Veteran Maelstrom Arena you will get 4 Transmute Crystals and for completing the Veteran Dragonstar Arena you will get 5 Transmute Crystals From the Weekly Normal and Veteran Trial Quests you will earn 5 Transmute Crystals upon completion And for a Trial Leaderboard placement you will earn a Transmutation Geode which contains 5 Transmute Crystals Additionaly the final boss of a Trial can drop a Uncracked Transmutation Geode which contains at least one Transmute Crystal up to 10 Transmute Crystals If you like to PvP you can earn there also Transmute Crystals From the 7 day Cyrodiil Campaign Leaderboards you will be awarded with a Transmutation Geode which can contain between 4 to 10 Transmute Crystals From the 30 day Cyrodiil Campaign leaderboards you will be awarded with a Transmutation Geode which can contain between 40 to 50 Transmute Crystals Additionaly your first Rewards for the Worthy each day will always contain a Uncracked Transmutation Geode These Geodes can contain up to 25 Transmute Crystals, and always have at least 4 Transmute Crystals the other Rewards for the Worthy may drop a uncracked Transmutation Geode too.

Also you can earn Crystals from end of match rewards from Battlegrounds and the battleground leaderboards As you can see there are multiple ways how you can earn and gather Transmutation Crystals It can be that some things will change in the future since the Transmutation process is new and maybe some things have to be still balanced In case that will happen i will post these changes in the description below Hopefully you enjoyed my overview of the Transmutation System in the Elder Scrolls Online It would be wonderful if you subscribe, like ore leave me a comment Have a a good day and until next time.


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