Hello everyone and welcome to my Werewolf Guide for the Elder Scrolls Online My name is Tianlein and and today we talk about what are the different ways to become a werewolf an overview about the werewolf skill line pro and cons beeing a werewolf and how you can cure yourself from Lycanthropy.

There are several ways how you can get infected with lycanthropy which will allow you to transform to a werewolf This will unlock the Werewolf skill line The hardest way to become a werewolf is to try to get injured and infected by werwolf NPC`s These appear only at night and only in some specific locations There is no need to kill the werewolf you just have to get lucky that you will get infected with Sanies Lupinus To be honest i think it is really hard to find this NPC Werwolfs.

I used the Addon Destinations which shows you some Werewolf locations on your map but i was not really successfull with that I searched many nights with different moons for the werewolfs but never found any on this locations Of course it could be that the night time was not perfect, or the moon or that the werewolfs got already killed The only time i found werewolfs was at full moon and i found them totaly off the suggested locations from the destinations addon I will show you now the maps with the destination locations and with the locations i found You can find in each faction a zone with contagious werwolfs For the Ebonheart Pact you can find the Npc werewolfs in the Rift Between the Skald`s Retreat Wayshrine and the Ragged Hills Wayshrine.

I found two werewolfs spots west of the Honrich Tower One spot is on the right side of the street sitting on the rocks The other ones are nearby but on the left side of the street Then i found not far away from the Nimalten Wayshrine a third werewolf spot For the Aldmeri Dominion you have to travel to Reaper`s March As you can see on the Map the Werewolf Npcs are scatterd between Fort Sphinxmoth Wayshrine and the Willowgrove Wayshrine For the Daggerfall Covenenant the Werewolfs are located in Bankgorai between the Troll`s Toothpick and Yanurah`s Respite I found here werwolfs on full moon at two locations One Spot was not far away from the Viridian Woods The other location is just west from the Viridian Woods Wayshrine If you find some werewolf locations at night please share them in the comments.

Another way to become a werwolf is if you get bitten by another Werewolf player at the Werewolf Ritual Side To bite another player you need to know the Bloodmoon ability and you can only infect someone every 7 days If you are already infected with Vampirism you cannot be infected with Lycanthropy Most people offer their service in zone chat in the Rift, Reaper`s March and Bangkorai Some give their Gift for free others want some gold for it Also you can ask your guilds if someone has a spare werewolf bite After you got infected with Sanies Lupinus by a NPC Werewolf or by another Player you you can find the NPC Thoreki Riften in the Rift in Rawl Kha in Reapers March or in Evermore in Bangkoria which will offer you the quest Hircine`s Gift You have to complete this quest to gain access to the Werewolf skill line and to be able to transform to a Werewolf Thoreki will send you to Hircines shrine where you will meet the Packmaster He will open a portal to Hircine`s Realm There you have to kneel before Hircines Altar and he will speak to you You will get transformed to a werewolf without a time limit as long as you are in Hircine`s Realm Then the hunt for the pack begins We have to hunt a large beast down In my case it was a Mammoth but it can be also a giant snake, a snow troll or a wamasu After we called the pack to feed on the corpse we have to go back to the hircines shrine You have to bow before the statue and Hircine will grant his blessing which will give you access the Werewolf Skill line and the Werewolf Transformation Of course you can buy a werewolf bite in the crownstore too For 1500 crowns you will get direct the Werewolf Skill line and the Hircine Quest will be skipped.

To advance in your Werewolf Skill line you have to kill while in Werewolf form You need in total 225 kills to reach Level 10 in your Werewolf Skill Line The normal Werewolf skills can be leveled up like other skills if you place them on your skillbar and earning xp You are not able to use them if you are outside of the Werewolf Form The difference to other skill lines is that after you activated your Werewolf Ultimate you can only use your Werewolf skills When you activate your Werewolf Ultimate your skillbar will get replaced with your Werewolf skills I will now show you a short skill and morph overview so you can get an idea what abilities you will get with the werewolf skill line The Ultimate Werewolf Transformation will transform you into a beast, fearing up to 3 nearby enemies for 4 sec While you are transformed, your Light Attacks cause enemies to bleed and your Physical and Spell Resistance are increased While slotted, your Stamina Recovery is increased by 15% If you decide to choose the Pack leader Morph your werwolf fur color will get white and you will summon two wolf companions The Werwolf Berserker morph increases the damage of the light attack bleed and the the werwolf fur color changes to black With Pounce you can leap from a 5 to 22 meters on an enemy If the enemy is already set off you will stun them Brutal Pounce increases the damage to the target and you deal also damage to nearby enemies Feral Pounce will add additonal duration to your Werwolf transformation if you pounce at least from 10 meters away.

The Hircine’s Bounty ability will heal you Hircine’s Rage will give you beside of the heal increased weapon damage over a short amount of time Hircine’s Fortitude will heal you and give you additonal health over a short period of time Roar will terrify up to 3 enemies,fearing and setting them off balance The bonus for Ferocious Roar morph is that if an enemy is killed while they are feared other nearby enemies are disoriented and set off-balance Rousing Roar grants Major Brutality to you and nearby allies With Piercing Howl you deal Physical Damage and stun an enemy The Howl of Despair morph lets your allies activate the Feeding Frenzy synergy that increases their Light and Heavy Attack damage The Howl of Agony morph deals 30% more damage to enemies that are feared With Infectious Claws you will hit enemies infront of you and deal physical and additional disease damage The Claws of Anguish Morph Afflicts enemies with Major Defile, reducing their healing received by 30% Claws of Life Heals you for 50% of the Disease damage done Then we have 6 passive skills All of these skills only work while you are in Werwolf Form Pursuit increases the Stamina your heavy attacks restore Devour allows you to devour corpses to increase the duration of your Werewolf Transformation Blood Rage Increases the duration of your Werewolf Transformation every time you take damage Bloodmoon allows you to infect another player with Lycanthropy once every 7 days by returning to the Werewolf ritual site Players already infected by Vampirism cannot be infected with Lycanthropy.

Savage Strength Increases your Weapon Damage Call of the Pack Reduces the cost of remaining in your Werewolf Transformation for each transformed werewolf in your group, including yourself If you don`t want to be anymore a Werewolf or you got infected by accident from a NPC you can of course find a cure To cure your lycanthropy, seek out Prelate Sabinus in the Mages Guild hall in Riften, Evermore, or Rawl’kha You will be requested to donate a small amount of gold before being instantly cured If you are cured of your lycanthropy, any skill points you invested in it will not be returned To get the skill points back, you must visit a Rededication Shrine before you go to a Priest of Arkay for the cure Last but not least we talk about the Pros and cons of beeing a Werewolf With Lycanthrophy you get some bonuses while you are in Werewolf form As you can see you will get a lot more Stamina Then your Physical Resistance and Spell Resistance is increased too And your sprinting speed is also increased.

During the transformation, you retain buffs, passive skills from other skill lines, and benefits of equipped weapons and armor Also you can end the Werewolf transformation at will by by using the transformation skill a second time and you have extra 15% Stamina Recovery for having the Werewolf Ultimate slotted But you receive 25% more damage from poison attacks and If you are a Pvp player keep in mind that other Players can deal with the Fighters Guild abilities extra damage too you if they have the skilled tracker passive skill Another disadvantage is the limited time on the transformation but that you can increase with skills and passives of the werewolf skill line Hopefully i could answer all your questions about Werewolfs in the Elder Scrolls Online It would be wonderful if you subscribe, like or leave me a comment Have a nice day and until next time Tschüss!.

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