Dungeon is full of trash packs that take some time to kill, making this vid it actually took more time to kill trash than fight bosses… Ok here you can see an evil looking statue. During fight it launches bombs on random people in group If all mobs around die the statue will crumble on its own but it wont count as “killed”. If you want achievement best is to stack everything on top… …of statue and kill it together. Here we see first mechanic that will be present during 1st and 2nd boss and also final boss.

Three things: Standing in dark damages you and gives you snare that stacks up to 100%, Standing in light cleanses you, Monsters that stay in dark take heavily reduced damage (at least 5 times less). We will be using Brazier synery to turn lights on while we run through corridor. Along the way there is lot of spiders. Fastest way is to just run ahead and stop at specific places and kill all spiders in one big stack. First stack point, hiding behind a rock should force spiders to step into light (they must be in light to take normal damage), any stragglers should be chained. This boss fight also happens in dark. There are three Braziers, light them all up before fight starts to save time. Boss during fight will be turning them off one by one. Boss needs to be lured into the light or the fight will take ages. She have one interruptable attack. Bash her but in a way that she gets pushed into light. First light off, move to another brazier. Second light off, its based on boss HP so even with insane DPS the lights will switch off.

Dark corridors continue, run to another stack point… which can be either here.. (Good to use some AOE like talons on spiders to draw their attention away from rest of group.) …or in the second boss chamber (last stack point). Protip: stay in the second brazier to the right so spiders stack naturally in light of first brazier. This boss runs like with a clock. She has very fast pattern that repeats itself every 15 seconds. She runs up (mobile phase), do a heavy attack, cast large AOE around herself and right after that teleport out randomly around room from where she will start charging up a heavy projectile attack. In addition to that every chunk of her HP (fixed) she will turn off two braziers. In each a ghost spawns that shotts at you and creates ghostly spiders.

Its calculated so if no brazier is lit up again the final one will turn off shortly after boss goes into execute. Start with taunting boss into light (as before if she is in dark she takes less damage). Heavy attack, cant interrupt. Watch out for cleave (all DPS and Healers should be behind boss). This is how she turns off lights. Cant be interrupted. Large AOE. Get out of it. One shot for eveyone including tank. Relit brazier. Boss teleported out. Try to lure them to the closest light she is near. Use Unrelenting Grip for speed boost. Be carefull when kiting boss to light. If you go too far away from her she will go into “ranged”mode and refuse to move. Kite her step by step. If she happens to start charging heavy attack make sure to bash here into light, not out of light.

If light goes off light it up immidiately. Boss is in dark but fortunately right to brazier, light that shit up. Interrupt heavy ranged attack (it does lot of damage to healer/dps). Boss requires some dodging/mobility so drag it out to open space. He will use patterns characterestic to spider type enemies. Boss will do combo, attempt at snare and then large AOE attack. Again its 1-shot KO for everybody including tank. Get out of it. One person becomes poisoned and will be spawning poison AOEs at fixed time intervals. Tank can just eat up that damage so better stay still to not spawn it all over the room. There is one more mechanic here that didnt happen. Boss will charge at any dead body and start feeding from it. Bash him ASAP or he will heal up REALLY FAST. Boss placement. Fight it at edge of rom. The statue will start spawning waves that damage in every direction. Standing under it is death sentence.

Boss does AOE spin attack. DPS and Healers need to either block or shield up (or get out). Otherwise its 1-shot KO for them. First special attack. Boss splits into 2-4 shadow images and gets damage immunity. Goal is to put him together. You do it either by killing shadow image and then setting free little orange ball “essence” or making boss merge with its own image. As you can see, shadow images can be chained in, so while DPS kills one that is far away you can finish off 1 or 2 on your own. Chain attack. It will charge at each party member, leaving an AOE where he lands (similar to vet Spindleclutch final boss attack). DPS/Heals need to block. Boss execute attack. It will snare tank and two shadows will spawn that “hold tank down”. They need to be first interrupted and then killed. If not its insta death for whoever is chained down.

At 15% statue spawns waves of damage. Staying further away from center of room makes it easier to avoid them. :3 looking for furniture plans, carry on… These ogrims have a cone poison breath attack that does LOT of damage even to you. Aim them away from group and get out of their range once they start puking. Nice way to deal with this trash is to stack it all with LOS at top of stairs. This trash pack stacks nicely if you retreat behind gate.

Look at this special light, from special atronach, with your special eyes. It will be needed later. You pick it up from dead atro using synergy. This fight is extremly fast paces, there is ton of stray damage and many people hate it. This is one of few places where a minimap is actually helpful. During fight, group becomes split in 2/2 and sent into separate catacomb mazes (look at map). In catacombs the old “dark is bad” mechanic is bad and Atronach Light protects you from it. During fight 2 Atros spawn and 2 people pick light.

Your goal? Get back to boss room in middle. Trick? There are spike traps that snare, enemies that stun you and deadly hoarvors that kill you if you are slow. Also along way you will see 4 doors from which 3 will be locked. Start fight away from statue. It launches bombs, and the further they need to fly the better chance to notice them and avoid. Rapids for maze running and talons to snare enemies that chase you. Boss have lots of cleave attacks. Point away from group. Adds spawn during fight. Taunt if possible, helps a lot to group. Boss mini combo. First mini cleave attack followed by… …heavy attack that applies large dot on you. Best option is to dodge it. Atros spawned, kill them to obtain light. Generally people who should pick it are DPS or people who are familiar with leading maze (one person per pair gets light, the other person needs to follow lightbearer).

Special attack. Boss will drain ultimate of person with highest amount. After that she will spawn poison sacks: green, blue or red that drain stamina, magicka or health. Which one will spawn? Depends on highest resource of person that got drained. Warning, Shadow Sense! Boss climbs up to the celling to prepare for her 1-shot attack. The beginning of phase is that your screen goes dark and there is green circle under your feet. During that STAY STILL! Screen goes back to normal but circle present. STAY STILL! Circle is gone. Make few steps untill you see ground rumbling under your feet and you get snare.

At this moment do ONE dodge roll… …and you should be safe. Alternatively, once green circle is gone do two one after another rolls. Goal -> get back to boss. Obstaces -> traps, doors and hoarvors. Without light you have to rely on braziers (that are present there). Goal -> get back to boss. Obstaces -> traps, doors and hoarvors. Without light you have to rely on braziers (that are present there). Goal -> get back to boss. Obstaces -> traps, doors and hoarvors. Without light you have to rely on braziers (that are present there). I believe that which door is locked and which not is random, i havent found any pattern yet so best is to check them systematically. Light of atronach reveals which pad is a live trap (red) and which one is safe (no color). If first and second door is locked you might need to turn around and risk meeting hoarvors.

If so you need to decisively roll dodge through them because their attack snare you (stacks up to 100%). In Retreating Manouver we trust. And we got open door. Dark AOE deal lots of damage, get out of them ASAP. Second catacombs. If DPS high enough (and no HM HP boost) can be skipped with DPS. In this fight generally each party member should have self heal. Its not guaranteed that all 4 players will converge in middle at same time. If healer is missing the first two players might need to fight boss on their own. Depending on DPS the cycle repeats, might be more Shadow Sense phases or Catacombs. Check video description for a link to Slow-Mo video how to exactly avoid Shadow Sense insta kill and a link to a Catacomb path. I was trying to quickly check Speedrun requirement (i got mine long time ago), its 30 minutes.

We beat it in ~23 :).

As found on Youtube