Be ready for lot of trash fights. Dungeons is long just because of them. They are not difficult, just long… If you are first time here, there is achievement for setting free all prisoners using these levers. First boss, has flurry frontal attack, needs to be directed away from group. I like to tank him near portal, you will see why later. There will be adds spawning during whole fight. You have two options how to handle them. Either DPS focus adds before boss. Or you do as much crowd control as possible (snare, chain, stack n burn). Thats the flurry attack. At ~30% HP harvester will spawn, thats why I tank boss here to be able to quickly taunt it. As usual, turn harvester away from group or interrupt frontal attack. These Flesh Atronachs have DPS check mechanic. If not killed fast enough They will enrage and 1-shot everyone. Another Atro. Kill it first. This trash pack can be skipped if you just jump into the hole. Watcher type enemy. Has frontal beam attack and spin AOE with massive knockback. This boss have one insta kill mechanic. Will pin down player to ground and start to “Tenderise” them.

He will swing his axe doing heavy attack, this is the time you must interrupt boss. Flesh Atronach will spawn from the middle pond (which also does damage if you step into it). In fight (fixed HP points) boss will run to the pond. He gains VERY HIGH damage immunity. If there is an Atro spawned have DPS focus it down. Inmates will spawn in groups and go towards center to get melted. If enough of them reaches pond new Atro will spawn. Everyone in group should use these bombs (synergise them) and throw them at Inmates.

Boss is immobile and does nothing so tank throws bombs too. If new Atro spawns keep it close to boss and edge of pond where Inmates go. Bombs that kill Inmates will also damage boss (if he is done) and Atro. Another Inmate rush phase. Be aware of Watcher’s massive knockback AOE. Falling down the cliff is a long run back to group… If you run all the way to the end of cooridor all adds that spawn will nicely stack there. If you run all the way to the end of cooridor all adds that spawn will nicely stack there. Whole fight happens on an island. Around there is toxic water that causes damage and slows you down when stepped into. Group needs to enter as whole because gate closes behind you There are two strategies here. One is to kill boss and kill Necromancers later.

This will require constant interruptions of Necromancer when they attempt to spawn skeletons. Second strategy is to kill all necromancers first. This will enrage boss to do more damage. We are doing 2nd strat. The boss is Watcher class. Large AOE spin. Try to keep it away from DPS so they are not pushed into toxic water. When you land in water just dodge roll out of it. If you can try to interrupt at least two Necros that are not being focused by DPS. After Necros are dead position boss in a way that when he spins DPS will always land on solid ground. Bugs drop AOE while they are alive. One is ok but if two stack on you they hurt a lot. Try aiming Harvester into wall or just keep bashing it for interrupt. I usually taunt ounly one bug and let other free. This way their poison AOE do not stack. Basically Flesh Atronach on steroids.

Keep faced away from group. There are two strats. One is to keep boss in corner. Its easier for DPS to avoid AOE. Other is to keep him in middle, it helps with DPS. At beginning I taunt one bug, later bugs are ignored for most of fight since they die on their own. You will be getting large bleed when you attack boss. Boss will use 3 swing attack, each pushing you back, you can try to roll it side to side to remain stationary. Each player will get AOE that later will explode. Do not let AOE overlap with other players. After that boss will cast donut AOE one one of the players. Stepping on edge is mostly 1-shot instagib. This pull is intense on healer, if you try to stack everything bug AOE overlap. Instead of stack you can try to tank Atro, harvester and one bug.

DPS kill other bug ASAP and then jump on Atro. Then focus second bug and Harvester (must be interrupted). 4 guards. Necromancer casts AOE, if you stand in it it spawns Bone Colossuses. Templar have single target heal and AOE heal. Berserker does AOE tornado and Knight have shield charge. Also Necromancer will spawn totem that gives all of them damage shield. One strat is to stack them all and burn while interrupting healer and avoiding Necro AOE. Other issues kill order: Necromancer, Knight, Berserker and Templar. Difficulty in here is that after they die, they come back as untauntable ghosts. Healer interrupt. Knight’s charge.

Dark black Necro AOE. Necromancer spawns protective totem. I’m standing in AOE, colossus will spawn. You can see all dead bosses as untauntable ghosts that continue their original attack. Rapids help with one mechanic in here. Boss positioning, we want to keep him close to edges. The orbs he spawns we want them away from midde. They do damage to us and we are vulnerable to them right after portal phase (explained later). Hardmode meteors spawn constantly and stun you if you dont block. These are the orbs, they damage and slow you down. Portals. He wil spawn 2 or rarely 3 of them during fight. For now avoid them at all cost. Boss is doing minigun attack. It targets random person. The attack is interceptable. You should get in between boss and person that is target to intercept all damage. Shades phase. Two of them will be immune to damage, two can be killed. In here you taunt all of them and keep yourself alive just spamming Absorb Magicka. Absorb, absorb, taunt, taunt, absorb, taunt… Portals.

When you step into it you appear at the celling and fall from sky. Mid air you have to synergise “Brace of Impact” to avoid fall damage. One portal fits two players and then dissapears. Notice how boss targets me but for some time one of DPS intercepts projectile. This is where we use portals. Boss jumps into sky and charges meteor attack. Two players go into one portal and two go into second. Help with rapids, especially if orb is slowing you down. Metor attack is insta kill for anybody who did not make it into portal.

Brace for Impact to avoid fall damage. Mitigate landing with some vigor and get away from any badly placed orb. These are all mechanics. Cycle repeats. High enough DPS can skip second and later portals..

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