As i mentioned, this guide will be focused on HM specific mechanics and quirks. Watching non-HM guide (link in description) is advised. So first thing first. In HM attacks hit harder and ground effects happen faster. Boss and Hulks have more HP and there are additional adds. There are no cleanse pads and curses stay even if you die! With damage from all sources being increased, timing on self buffs is critical. Using Absorb Magicka on minigun attack is a must. When you boss preparing for gun attake make sure you are fully buffed: Hardened Armor for healing passive, GDB for healing passive, Major Vitality pots too. Hulks have more HP which means they will be bounced between tanks very often. Communication and positioning is the key.

With more Hulk swaps you might need to take him in middle of mechanic (meteor/gun). Hulk must not be LOS blocked by boss, otherwise it makes taunting him more difficult. Notice how after 2nd shatter off-tank takes few steps back to make it easier for main tank to taunt hulk. Even if Hulk is almost dead you dont want to risk a 3rd shatter on off tank. Swap it even if its just for few seconds. New adds – Assassins – back room is divided into three sections. When each is cleared an Assassin will spawn in middle room. They are taunted by off tank and cleaved by AOE. All AOE effects happen faster. Including meteors. Each subsequent meteor that hits you does more damage. A risky way of doing this is to not block at all – move at full speed, avoid meteors but watch out for heavy attack/treshing wings/assassin spin since it can throw you out of platform.

The sooner you get to next pad, the sooner off tank can start positioning Hulk/Assassins without risk of him stealing lunar buff. Little things like this matter. An example of no-block meteor avoiding. Goes well untill Assassin spin knocks me back. In preparation for Lunar Phase Hulk MUST be dead. At this point all DPS goes on him. Nova greatly helps to survivie this phase. By this point everybody should be alive. Boss will begin Lunar Phase when Hulk is almost dead. Remember to take him off from off tank. Please read video description for general information about Lunar Phase (tips in later part of video will be more specific). Lunar Phase begins when all dark pads turn blue. Its important to wait for transition and not step on them too early since some people might have curses. Both tanks take place in middle along with healers. Each DPS gets their own outer pad. Their goal is to kill add. Our goal is to help them. Players in middle can use “Celestial Purge” synergy on enemy. It causes that add to take VERY INCREASED damage from all sources.

Thats why each DPS will be DPSing only and only the add that is currently beamed. Both tanks and both healers will beam each next add one after another. When 1st add dies 2nd gets beamed, when 2nd dies 3rd gets beamed etc. The non-beaming tank helps in any way they can, from throwing Orbs for resources to spamming either inner fire or chains for DPS on beamed add (yes, even this little DPS matters here). When Lunar Phase ends everyone who had curse is cleansed out of it. Perfectly, all adds should die. Any add left alive can easily 1-shot DPS players during meteor stun. Sun-Eaters will cast the Orb attack that hits like a truck and can easily knock down a tank. Act fast, block, move to new lunar pad, taunt whats remaining so people can recover from deaths. At this point its back to previous rotation. With small exception, now after every pad swap an Archer will spawn. Its wide arrow spray its very hard to avoid especially when off tank have plenty to do with Hulk positioning.

When situation cools down, off tank will take care of it. In meantime be wary of arrow spray bleed and call for cleanses. The execute phase. Things to remember: Hulk. Unstable Void. Orbs. Normally main tank is protected from unstable void by lunar buff. In execute MT is vulnerable to it. Unstable void is growing AOE on your feet. When it reaches maximimum it explodes 1-shotting everyone in radius. When you get it you get away from group and call it out so DPS can shield up. During fight on each dark pad a orb will spawn and tether to boss.

It gives him damage resistance. If you are ordered to you might need to run there and pick it (getting cursed in result). Depending how long execute takes Hulk swapping might be still a thing. Listen to your off tank. Don’t let him die alone :(.

As found on Youtube