First thing, dont be suprised, there will be lot of trash skipping. Fortunately Ruins of Mazzatun allows that and im glad of that. Its kind of my philosophy, I come to dungeon to fight bosses, not waste time on trash. I really dont like how all newe dungeons are long not just because of challenging boss fights, but because of bad layout, long walks and trash packs/damage sponges on every step along way. Neverthless, first fight, significant enemies: Haj-Motas. Haj-Motas have annoying charge attack, if its possible try to point them ona piece of a wall/rock so when they charge they dont move too much. This boss is bigger version of some of smaller mobs in dungeon. He uses just three special attacks. When fighting him, whole group should stack on boss, even if DPS are ranged. This jump attack targets random person, if everybody is spread out he will be moving all over place, wasting DPS. Attack itself is AOE+Knockback and additionally on landing there is smaller flower like pattern stone attack that also knocks you back.

This attack stuns people if they dont block or didnt chug immovable pot. Simple fight, takes long just because of DPS loss when boss moves out of AOE and is untargetable for brief period of time. If you are careful the first room trash can be skipped, second room needs to be killed, otherwise door wont open. Stoneshapers are TOP priority here. Their heavy attack will usually 1-shot unaware DPS/healer. Additionally… …they use this annoying stone throwing attack (just like boss) but this time it can be interrupted with chains (not bash). “Target too high or too low”, thx ESO, aren’t you the one who should know? -.- If this happens, just do one heavy attack swing and should fix itself. Introduction to 3rd boss mechanic. Whoever steps into green AOE gets all stamina drained, cant use abilities and gets snare that stacks up to 100% + damages.

The goal is to reach a water spring that cleanses player. Look at the shock dome, its part of boss mechanic. Also i like to put on Wings in this fight to counter one mechanic. Rule number one! DPS/Healers stay at the back of boss, always! Cleave damage will one shot them. During fight lots of adds will be spawning. They have to either be killed or simply controlle (taunt, chain, let AOE kill them).

Here comes the first mechanic, an argonian will appear and hide in shock dome. He will cast projectiles on you and if left unattended will wipe group. At same time random group member will get a growin AOE on their feets. Boss will target them for his charge attack. Goal for targeted person is to stand directly in line between boss and shock dome so the charge attack will destroy it. Person should block the charge attack. They might try to dodge but WATCH OUT. If they do it too early boss WILL change direction and miss the dome. Last attack of boss is poison spit. It deals MASSIVE damage in short sequence. Requires insane healing, dodging one of the projectiles or… using Dragon wings to bounce it back to boss and deal hefty damage. Long trash pull in three waves. First is mix of enemies, second is Haj-Motas, third is three stoneshapers. Kill stoneshapers first. Try to aim Haj-Motas away from group. Its not difficult, just long.

Another trashus skippus. We do it mostly because of these annoying orange guys. They have charge attack that generally one shots everyone and almost kills tank too. This room is skippable too, just sneak up and go straight and make sharp turn on stairs exactly as we do. This is where the fun begins. This fight is FULL of trash, archers spawn in waves every 75%, 50%, 25% HP. To counter that 1 of DPS will release Wamasu by killing argonian holding chain. Unblockable knockback. Frontal attack, don’t aim it at group. And here comes swamp mechanic. Boss gains FULL DAMAGE IMMUNITY (don’t try to burn him no matter how low on HP he is). He will spawn Swamp Spice. One of the DPS players needs to step into it and carry it to one of the fountains that spawn in far corners of room.

Watch out, only one of them will be active and its random wheter its left or right one. During this phase boss will do a combo. First issue a AOE fear like attack. Then drop Taunt and gain Taunt immunity (needs to be retaunted after) and after that do an aimed charge at random person (cant dodge). Person that becomes targed needs to block or…. hide behind tank. Tank with block can intercept this attack and set boss off balance. Look here how boss charges at player outside of screen but I intercept attack. All the time that Swamp Spice is not cleansed Trolls and Mudcrabs will spawn. Lot of crowd control. Swamp Spice attack repeats even to three times during fight. Note here, if one of DPS who picks it cant make it all the way to fountain, they need to “Shake Off” spice and let someone else pick it up. Cant pick it two times in a row by same person. This is how this place goes normally. Calendar have 6 symbols on it, there are 6 cages with 6 buttons. You need to use button which symbol matches with calendar.

You pick right button -> you fight trash. You pick wrong button -> you fight trash… Just when you do it all right you get achievement. Fighting it one by one is long and boring so here is a trick. Everyone stack on same button, make sure you are out of combat, sheathe your weapon and start a countdown. Three, two, one, go! When everybody push button eactly at same time you can trigger up to 4 trash pulls at same time. It gives you MASSIVE trash pull but it dies quick because of AOE.

Tank MUST taunt all the Stoneshapers first or they will wreck group. Four players so four pulls when it goes right, need to repeat for remaining two. If you can’t handle trash pull that big you need to do it one by one. This is just a trick for people who want to save time. Hardmode – increases boss HP and disables one of handicaps for boss special mechanic. First thing first. During whole fith everybody stack on boss, when boss moves, players move to. Second, do not underestimate adds. Seriously, they will wreck you if not attended. Now look around room, the statues. They play role in boss mechanic. There is 8 of them or so. Boss basic attacks are weak in general. The wines narrow cone attack does little damage even to DPS/Heal but neverthless shouldn’t be aimed at them. Totem mechanic. It spawns nearby person furthest away from boss.

It drains your magicka and stamina (no heals, no dps = wipe). MUST BE FOCUSED ASAP, preferably ulti bombed. This amberplasm ball creates pool of it. If add enters it they get stronger and get snare immunity. One of players can pick it instead and sacrifice a bit of their health. In middle of fight boss will hide in a cocoon and summon ghosts of 2nd and 3rd boss. They hit as hard as before but dont have special attack (No shock dome and no Swamp Spice). For Chudan Ghost remember that Cleave kills, And this is poison spit that was skipped before. It will kill Tank if he won’t dodge one of projectiles or mitigate it in other way (Dragon Wings).

Now main boss mechanic. One of players will be picked at random (i think as long as tank have taunt on boss he will be spared from it). Their screen will turn all orange and abilities will be replaced with same one. Notice how on my screen only one statue glows gold. The person that gets picked will see all of them glowing. Person whose skills got replaced needs to destroy right statue. Difficulty? They dont know which is the right statue. Solution: other players stack at the right statue so choosen one knows where to aim. It CAN happen that healer is choosen one. Because of that each player needs a self heal. Also adds might appear during this wave, they pose serious threat and need to be killed (even if boss would be left alone). Xal-Nur ghost. He will still do the fear attack, drop taunt and chase random person. Constant AOE bombs are sign that someone got the “Statue vision”. And this is exactly why we all stack no matter what happens. Adds + Statues + Totems all stacked together. Totem spawns at person furthes away from boss. If someone would be far away from group and totem would be out of reach, this would be pretty much wipe.

When boss is close to death whole rom will be covered in umbrella like AOE. Puts more strain on healer but otherwise not that harmful. Boss is at low HP and statue phase comes up. One of DPS or Healer lost their abilities. Need to judge carefully if you want to burn boss or play mechanics. Ofc the latter is more safe…. And boss is death, sinking into ground in matrix style. Wait what??.

As found on Youtube