This dungeon is all about crowd control. Each boss have some sort of trash adds along with him. Trash fights mid boss are scattered in large area. Tank focuses on getting them together (chains or other means like Swarm Mother set for non-dk tanks). During boss fight it MAY happen that group will have to focus primarily adds over boss to avoid being overrun. First “miniboss” is just an add with more HP. Adds should be killed quickly. If needed tank can drag boss away. The web pull attack is more of annoyane than treat. It blocks healer from healing for a moment but with hots on ground group is all fine. Raven swarm AOE does light damage. If it causes problems DPS should just go ranged untill AOE is gone.

Approaching next boss. On the ground you find traps that do little damage but stop you. You can try to disarm them all before fight. Warm up fight. These cats will return later. Don’t try to snipe boss lol, he has reflect on him. Cats come back as ghosts. They should be taunted during fight but mostly ignored by DPS since when killed they will respawn. When adds and boss is grouped like that DPS should TAB target boss and focus single target DPS on him while AOE kills cats.

This boss moves A LOT on his own. Time your DPS ultis and drop after boss moves not before. Hoarvor boss. Will be summoning constant waves of very weak adds that should die from AOE. Usually tank will get “sticky” AOE that damages everyone inside. Tank should stay still to not harm other players. Pre boss trash fight. Clean this up before engaging boss. Healers and Dps stay at back of boss to avoid his charge. Pay attention to where he faces. Here comes the charge. It can be used to stomp and kill Stranglers spawning during fight. But they are harmless anyway. “Fear” attack that can be broken with stamina break free. Next boss fight begins as soon as you exit corridor, boss will be already sending weak adds on you. This charged AOE can be interrupted. Beside hordes of weak adds boss one “crystal fragment” type attack. Which is being interrupted right here (with bash). Also he is fully ranged so Absorb Magicka can heal tank for lot (in case something happens to healer) One of many dispersed add fights. Getting them together really speeds up things. Fight begins here tho this is not “real” boss.

More of like warm up fight. Spider will be using that annoying web pull attack which seems to… …be doing next to nothing and just snare you. Second part of “fake” boss fight. Its good time to recharge resources with heavy attack and save up ulti for real boss. And real boss comes out of spider. She will be summoning spirits of all other bosses. The annoying web pull. Ravens AOE. Lots of Adds spawning. You MIGHT need to break off from the boss and kill them, otherwise you will be overrun. Boss should be always faced away from group because of this… Foulhide charge attack. It will 1-shot everyone including tank. Must be avoided/dodged. It happens quite often. Leaping Senche attack targets random person. You see his hand glow green.

Generally blocking it (for DPS/Healer) is enough to survive. This annoying web attack can be dangerous if there is lot adds around. Thats why again, adds should be killed during fight (or focused even). Keep the adds under control. Stack on boss for AOE burn if possible and you should be fine..

As found on Youtube