Wraith type boss. Turn around from group. Special mechanic. Blue beam (look at healer). It will tether damage from boss to the player. If it wasnt for our great healer, keeping himself alive and still healing us, our own DPS damage done to boss would kill him via tether. Beam does not break with distance, standard strategy is to throttle DPS or simply person with beam just dies and get res. First, before engaging this boss make sure everyone got off the bridge.

Boss will set it all on fire that does heavy damage to everyone who are still on it. Harvester type boss. Turn around from group. There is the fire on bridge. Working as intended… unbreakable CC/stun. Harvester orbs that heal her visible. Oopsie, wrong ulti. Trash intercept protocool. Be the first in to engage. Talons, chains, chains, talons… Everything dies all piled up. DPS save resources on not having to drop their AoE DOTs in different places. Annoying Bone Colossus boss. Has frontal attacks, turn away from group. Charge attack, cant be stopped. On this video im trying to aim his charge into solid object. This way he wont run rampant all over the room. The dark blue circle with skeletons in ground will snare player that steps in and trigger skeleton spawn. Oopsie, tried to outsmart boss… now hes stuck in a pillar and cant be damaged… Whew, nova did the job… that was close one. Chain, chain, chain, chain…. Unrelenting grip DK tank best friend. Flesh Atronach type boss.

Frontal cleaves, turn away from group. Flame worms damage is low for a tank, and for most of time for DPS too. Depending on heals DPS will either just burn boss or will have to run around the lines. If you are using heavy attacks to regain stamina this heavy smash is something you must block. If you are fast enough this stair trash will come at you even without taunt. You should be able to talon them every 3 second to maintain snare for whole fight.

Daedroth type boss. Has one frontal attack, the flame breath. There is awful lot of trash mobs in this fight, try to chain them in, talon to make them die with boss. Not all of them gets triggered just by attacking boss. Cheeeeest! A chesty chest… Watcher type boss. The only attack you can save your group from is the frontal eye beams. 31 00:08:05,000 –> 00:08:07,000 Titan type boss. Heavy frontal cleave, must be turned away from group. This is boss mechanic. During fight it will cast line of fire in three directions at angle of 120 degree from each other (equally distributed in a circle). Stomp attacks aim at random player. You can try to run away from AOE so you can get to boss as quickly as possible and keep him stationary. Lich type boss. Magic projectiles (absorb magicka free heals). A little of AoE. Adds spawning during fight. There are some casters amongst them so need to pull them in.

Beginning of boss special mechanic. There are two of them picked at random. Boss casts dome shield. The special attack is “world architect”. Windows break and anybody that is outside pink dome will get significant damage. I love these visuals. Before One Tamriel this fight was so fast boss didnt even make his special move. Now i can enjoy the view a little πŸ˜› The second special attack that can happen instead of “world architect” is “ghost wall”. Boss will summon a wall of ghosts. Players needs to get away from boss or they will take damage (so first one is be close to boss while second is run away from boss).

As found on Youtube