The fight here is simple, beside poison phase AOE only special attack that boss has is triple frontal cleave so tank should keep boss turned away from group. This is the poison phase. This is triple frontal cleave. This boss follows standard harvester fight pattern DPS should always be at its back and be prepared to block AOEattack. Tank should taunt it already pointing away from group, but even then it might happen that boss wwill turn around at DPS. In that case DPS and healer should stay away from frontal attack This is special mechanic. Person that moves the least will be locked in cage General strategy is that if tank is locked he frees himself.

If its DPS he tries to do it on his own or other DPS does it while he self heals. I’ve also seen part where whole fight is moved to the cage so person inside gets heals. The standard strategy here is to kill them one by one starting from sword and board killing next DW one and healer at the end. It can be combined with attempts on stack burning. DW miniboss have attack that targets random player.

All bosses will be utilising heavily DK style abilities including Standards and other AOEs. As usual healers should be interrupted. Heavy AOE damage coming from bosses. Standard titan fight, frontal cleaves, AOE on each player. Tank should be first one to engage in fight and taunt right away. This boss initial attack can easily one shot DPS or healers. Beside regular Inhibitor attacks there is a constant DOT going on at person that holds pinion. The longer they are focused . Classic strategy is that everybody regularly use pinion to share Inhibitor focus but this require tank to have dps abilities (ranged or gap closer) to quickly take down portals.

Second strategy is that tank always holds pinion until blue phase. In blue phase the fire surrounding Inhibitor generally one shots everyone and he (Inhibitor) slows down focused player. Outside blue phase the fire around Inhibitor does very little damage, boss should be kept still. Strategy on video is full burn. Portals are ignored for most, tank holds aggro all time, with enough DPS blue phase is skipped. Whoever uses this pinion gets Inhibitor aggro.

Large AOE attack. Small AOE attack. This was beginning of the blue phase. If boss would be still alive I would have to either run until other player uses pinion. Boss should be generally held closer to the edge of platform so the shock waves from the middle will be crossing group less often. The Shock Wall attack. It will spin around (faster if HM was activated). Generally DPS and Healers should just stay still and let it pass them, alternately roll dodge once in direction opposite to where wave moves. Boss runs to middle and 4 adds spawn. This phase goes on until they die. Boss will do large shockwave blast that pushes players to the edge. Touching edge = insta death. With each blast the push back is bigger (dps check). Adds explode on death and can one shot even tank. Shockwave attack makes resurrecting very difficult (interrupts). Immovable helps. Frontal cleave with knockback. Mechanic not shown on video is that during fight Storm Atro will spawn and chase one player.

If he catches them explodes with large AOE and wipes group. Must be killed and player that is target should run away if DPS on Atro is low..

As found on Youtube