Starting quest can be obtained in two ways. Either from an Note avaliable in any bank. Or simply buying free item from crown store. We need to travel to Auridon, Vulkhel Guard Bank. Guy have some peroblems with an orc running skooma operation. We gonna find him in Outlaw Refugee. Lol, Dark Brotherhood reference. This time we go to Naril Nagaia in Greenshade (solo delve). Somoene brought a company- -.- Back to Auridon, Vulkhel Guard Bank.

Shopping time. They hint to either buy furniture from NPC, Guild Trader (how nice of ZOS to consider this) or craft it. Closest furniture merchant is in Skywatch, Auridon. There is no notification “next stage of quest” when you buy furniture. You can just buy one piece. Back to Vulkhel Guard, this time to Mara Public House. Congratulation, you owe your first “House”. This Anthology item is a list of all avaliable houses with their locations (its lore friendly)..

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