As you probably know, before boss fight there are few rounds of trash fights. With One Tamriel they now can pack a punch, but usually dont pose much threat. Neverthless DPS should block heavy attack. Mages that cast “elemental blockade” type attacks should be killed ASAP. Here, like nowhere before, tanks can excel in their crowd control ability. These fights go much more smoother if everything is chained and kept in place. Usually at north of first arena. Two handed enemies here have one large cleave attack, should be faced away from group and second AOE attack that can be bash interrupted.

S’n’B enemies with banners will cast ground healing AOE. They need to be kited away from it, otherwise it heals all enemies inside. This will be IMPORTANT in boss fight. All fights here are in thight groups. Group members benefit from all buffs: Igneous Shield, Vigors, even Circle of Protection. Enemies spawn in multiple irregular waves so tank should keep looking around if there is no stray adds. This boss uses deadly Dawnbreaker attack that rekts vamp DPS/Healers.

Must be faced away from group (bash that 2-hander). Here it is, Dawnbreaker. Now look closely, boss rises his hand and drops Circle of Protection that heals him in insane rate. In just 2 seconds he healed for 3% max HP. Tank must lure him away from it ASAP. And again. Fight will go on like that. From spot to spot, dont let him heal. Adds come every X% of boss HP. Second arena. There will be mages with deadly frontal “elemental blockade attacks”, 2-handers with interruptable AOE. Most important mechanic, these fires. When you are too far you take constant damage+snare -> you freeze to death. There will be some trolls, ice thingies and annoying archers that we will use nice trick to get them stay in group (since they always run away). See archer? Chain him in and right after roll dodge through him. These mages will cast Ice Blockade that does LOT of damage, whole group needs to be aware to not stand in front of them and focus them.

2-handers bashable attack. As i mentioned before, during fight, starting somewhere after 2nd wave of trash, bonfires will burn out. One of DPS players needs to pick one of three torches in arena and light that shit up (interaction works like synergy). See what happens when you are out of fire range (or fire turns off). Torches respawn but with delay. thats why its good to import one of the torches from far away, so when fire turns off next time, the close one will be ready. This stage boss (doe) is 2-hander and mage. When they spawn in corner tank should stay behind them so when mages does his programmed thing: run away from player, he will go out into middle of killzone – exactly where we want him. Mage interruptable attack. Mage Ice Blockade, DPS/Healers stay away from it. Mage boss dead, last trash wave coming. Almost done..

As found on Youtube