Stage 7, lets go. Keyword “Sacrifices”. There are three altars in North, West and East part of arena. During fight two types of sacrificices will spawn. Regular and Armored. They move slowly and can’t be rooted. If they reach altar a Daedra will spawn. North and West sacrifices need to be killed ASAP since they spawn Harvesters. East sacrifice can be left last. Since it spawns only Scamps that can be chained by tank and burned down with AOE. Later when an Armored Sacrifice will spawn it MUST be killed ASAP because it will spawn big Titan. Normally tank with healer hang out in middle. DPS separate to North and West to kill sacrifices and both go to East (unless healer killed tha tone already) As you already noticed, adds spawn in large packs. Lot of chaining snaring. Adds spawn from all three directions, Keep an eye out for any add that might be harassing our DPS that is killing sacrifice. A close-up on regular sacrifice.

This is the East sacrifice that spawns harmless scamps, no harm if this makes it throught. The West and North one are deadly. A big daedric six-legged nope. Taunt it and chain to middle away from DPS asap. We dont want DPS being chased by 2-handers. One Wrecking Blow can cost us lot of time (stun) that could be spent killing sacrifice. Same goes for Fearkyn’s, as their name hints they have fear attack. Make sure they are taunted or interrupted. Fear interrupted with chains. Boss fight! At first taunt both bosses and run back to entrance, pulling them both into middle of arena. From attacks expect Novas, Negates, Blinding Flare, Mines and Channeled Bombs.

MOST IMPORTANT THING! MAGE SELF HEALS IF NOT INTERRUPTED. She have a channeled attack where she slightly floats and shortly after she can heal even by 25% of max HP Mines are mostly harmless. When full on HP and Stam get rid of them by walking into. Even during combos like that, Negate + Nova you want to stay close to Mage to be ready to interrupt (crystal blast, bombs, heal). Darg bashes first 🙂 Look at this, she spreads her arms and levitates. This is The Self Heal. BASH THAT! Crystal Blast, cast projectile, interrupt.

Channeled bomb. Interrupt. Notice that during fight adds still spawn. DPS have to break off to kill sacrifices and in rounds without sacrifices Tank will be chaining adds to the bosses. Because of that annoying Self Heal, Dark Mage will be focused by DPS. Mage heals again, dont let that finish. Mage is dead. We are nearly done here. Next stage is all about add control with one important mechanic. Dwemer Spheres, Mage’s Guild mages all have strong frontal attacks (fire wave) that should be interrupted or aimed away from DPS. Plenty of ranged monsters so lot of chains going on. Regulated Battlemages should be kept a while away from main group of enemies, the will drop one Negate shortly after spawning. For now nothing special happens, just “don’t stand in red” and regular fight. This is the attack that should be interrupted. It spawns slowly moving projectile that hits DPS/Healers hard.

Centurions! Red (fire), Blue (ice) and Yellow (cant be taunted). You taunt red and blue one, players should be all stacked together. When Blue centurion rises his arm, he channels Ice Projectile that casts Ice AOE on random player. Other random player will get Fire AOE. Both players need to STACK on top of each other to cancel AOE effects. That is not nessesary if you interrupt Ice centurion like i did. Ice shot interrupted again. Boss fight, again taunt him and kite into middle of room. His attacks include Fire Mine, Fire Wave and Meteors. First rule, do not stack on each other. Its like two people on top of each other drag meteors to them and they will both die in AOE blast. Second rule, for DPS and Heal, dont be in front of boss. His Fire Wave (if not interrupted) hits like truck This is the fire rune. If you have HP avaliable you can step into it to clear space. Fire wave being cast, interrupt.

Getting crowded. Remember to interrupt Ice Centurion and try to not aim boss at other players. Last biggest centurion phase with 2 yellow. Often healer will have either Nova or Barrier to support this skirmish. Notice this, Interrupt was missed. On right side player have yellow flame AOE, on left side there is ice AOE. They both need to stack on top of each other. If AOE glitches (invisible) tell each other if you have X AOE. From now its all clear..

As found on Youtube