Stage 9, interesting fight with an additional task for DPS players. But before that, as usual, trash waves. Most dangerous enemies are red and white ghosts/wraiths. Both have very strong frontal attacks. They should be chained in, faced away from group and kept interrupted. Over course of fight more and more black skeleton pits will spawn. As a tank you have to avoid them at all cost. When you step into one you fall down into chamber below arena and can’t get out untill you kill enemy inside. As a tank, by the time you kill him with that 4k DPS top group will already wipe. If you take look at the ground layout you will notice that black holes appear in little craters.

After while you can tell where you should not step in even if there is no hole there yet. So far the usual, stack’n’burn, would be so much harder without chains in here. Watch out yourself for the ghost fear. In bad position it can make you walk straight into black hole. Miniboss time. The one with standard. Few seconds after he spawns he will summon a “Ghost”. See the gold one. From this moment on miniboss takes a lot less damage. One of DPS players need to jump down into hole and kill both the normal skeleton and additional enemy. Usually DPS player will jump down the hole slightly sooner so they have time to kill normal skeleton before additional enemy will spawn (from gold ghost).

Once green mist is gone boss can be nuked and DPS should be coming from below. But again, there is a variation where the DPS will stay below arena and wait for the 2nd miniboss ghost to spawn. This way they dont have to re-kill skeleton inside again. And here comes 2nd miniboss. The DPS is already underground so they can kill enemy below ASAP and top boss can be killed faster. Archer “take aim” – interrupt. 2-handers explsion – interrupt. Boss is sword and board vampire dragonknight, some attacks will be very characteristic. The fight has few stages. In first just take boss somewhere with lot of space while DPS deal with adds. Notice that one of DPS already went down the hole to prepare himself for minibosses – both will spawn at once. He is clearing downstair arena from skeletons. Alternative strategy is that both DPS stay above and burn boss untill its around 85% HP. After that both of them go down to clear skeletons and when they are ready healer will DPS boss to 80%. Because at that point both minibosses will spawn and DPS below will kill new enemies to take bosses shields off.

And here is 80%, both minibosses spawn. I like to range taunt mage miniboss and hide behind corner so he comes to me. And then intercept melee miniboss. Also when im stacked here im close to point where 2nd DPS will come up. Having a DPS in chamber below before anything spawns make this part much faster. Bosses already can be burned down, both at once. Be aware that if they don’t die fast enough, they will get shield again. Fight will get longer and main boss have enrage timer. From now on there is just one larger add phase and we are finished here. Tho important thing to remember here is to always have 6k+ of spare stamina to break free. Boss have a health leech attack that stuns you and melts you very fast if you dont break free. Boss enraged. All attacks do more damage. Not that dangerous for tank but DPS want to stay AWAY from any AOE and break free from her talons ASAP. Final boss, no more trash. The presented strategy is half-burn. From other strategies there is full-burn and timer method (for very low dps).

Ill explain both in vid description. DPS and Healer stays at entrance, tank goes to boss and keeps him there untill flame phase. Flame phase start. It repeats every 60 seconds from the moment it starts (important for timer method). Now run back to group. Wait in here for Flame Atro to spawn. If group is fast enough they can kill him before his HP glitches out and refills. Now, from the moment tank got first fire AOE group have 60 seconds (so now its like 45) to burn boss to 75% hp where first pair of minibosses spawn (it resets flame timer). Important plot twist here is that when minibosses spawn its the Healer who will taunt main boss and tank will be taking care of minibosses. Stop taunting boss at around 80% so he can be taunted by healer without hassle (2 people taunting same monster can still cause taunt immunity). Healer takes boss to the gate. Tank taunts two minibosses and runs all the way behind lava river. Your only job now – survive. Keep up vigor, self heal with absorb mag, keep up minor maim on minibosses and have magma shell ready just in case. Depending how smoothly minibosses were dragged away from group, they might be more or less likely to go back to them if you stop taunting.

Dont let them return at all cost. The flame timer still ticks btw. 60 seconds since minibosses spawned. In that time both DPS need to take boss down to 50%, survive pull attack and then burn him to when he spawns last pair of minibosses. Reason why we are so far away from group is to avoid this gigantic pull attack that drops everyones HP to almost 0. When pull attack is done we return for another pair of minibosses that spawn. It’s now total 4 minibosses on tank. Keep them all taunted. Once you grabbed them all run, run far! When you are sure all four minibosses are taunted you can retreat where boss spawned. It gives you coverage from fire casters. At this point its all in hands of DPS and Healer. Important! Sometimes the final fire phase glitches out and will trigger itself even after boss is killed. DPS and healer (sinc they are closest to boss) will get flame AOE and it will instantly turn into flame atro. At this point, please, do not run away. Go there and as a group finish these last three monsters.

If one of players dies and rest runs away or also dies there is high risk of instance getting glitched, not being able to res, missing out master weapon chest. And thats it! Thanks for watching. Be sure to check other four episodes of VDSA with Dargus Maximus..

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