Ok, as i said this video will show only trash fights. Boss encounters are speed up x10 to make video smaller (potato internet of mine >.<). If you are interested in boss fights, i have them as separate videso on my channel. Before we start, one rule: Sun Eater always dies first. DPS tab target him and focus ST abilities on them while AOE cleaves anything else. This also applies to Orc Shamans. First pull is mini trash. Random set of melee and ranged adds. Chain them into group and snare, preferabely Close to the edge where Sun Eater spawns. Which is about here. There are two ways to handle this. Either Main Tank Taunts Sword’n’Shield and Archer and keeps them Where archer spawned (archer pointed away from group) while Off Tank tauns 2-Hander.

Or as in video. Main tank taunts Sword’n’Shield and points Sun Eater away from group while Off Tank taunts Archer and uses Line of Sight to make him walk into Sun Eater (stack). This saves time and resources of DPS because monsters are being moved into already placed AOE. Archer is pointed away from group to save them from Arrow Spray, beside damage it adds on them massive DOT. Sword’n’Shield large AOE spin attack does lot of damage but can be blocked after seeing visual clue. Another pull. Off tank stays down to handle Sun Eater while Main Tank climbs up for second set of adds.

First comes Sword’n’Shield, taunt it and go up. Jump up if you have trouble aiming because of the miniadds. Next you taunt two Archers and quickly pull away in straight line. This is what we aimed for. They both started walking becase we are out of their range and stopped in same spot. Now go back with Sword’n’Board to stack it together for AOE. Another Pull. Off Tank keeps 2-hander occupied while Main Tank taunts Sword’n’Shield and 2 Archers. Again once taunted move back in straight line to let archers walk towards you and stack.

Sword’n’Shield AOE spin that has to be blocked by DPS. Stacking adds like that creates a clear divide between a “no DPS land” in front of them where none should stay but Tanks and safe place behind them where DPS can DPS in peace. Ok, reminder of rule. Sun Eaters first and then Shamans first. This fight starts with Off Tank pulling all adds and bringing them further into the path. About here so people’s AOE stack where next waves will spawn. Start at the back, taunting 1st Archer, Sword’n’Shield and 2nd Archer (while Off Tank keeps 2-hander and group focuses Sun Eater). Run to the back to LOS stack Archers but do not pull next pack of mobs.

Off Tank will keep 2-hander on the side untill part of mobs die, to prevent group Armor Shatter (its AOE). Main Tank taunts Flesh Renderer and tab targets it (important) while Off tank gets aggro on Brutes and Shaman. These guys are known from nasty scream AOE/Knockback that gets empowered when Shaman is nearby. Normally you would pull Renderer away while group kills Shaman away from Renderer AOE. Once he turns red (scream is imminent) start bashing him. Constantly. Every 1 second bash him. You will interrupt his scream permanently pushing him away. Before you run out of stamina from bashes group should kill him already. Here again two ways. Either Main Tank taunts Sword’n’Shield and brings it to Archer (and taunts it too pointed away from group) while Off Tank keeps 2-hander or Main Tank taunts the Archer… …and Sword’n’Shield and LOS kites Archer to stack where Sun Eater spawned and brings Sword’n’Shield to the stack. Here Main and Off tank split. Off goes to cave to kill Shaman and Brutes. Main tank intercepts Flesh Renderer and more Brutes. Direct them towards the entrance and stack in middle of path.

Thats where next Sun Eater will spawn. It is possible to avoid the scream if you run far enough away from Rendered. If not just pop vigor before that and let it heal you. Get Sword’n’Shield and then Archer and stack them together with Archer pointed away from group while Off Tank handles 2-hander and group kills Sun eater. Now here again two methods. Classic where Main tank taunts both Flesh Renderers and takes them away untill they scream and after that he pulls them back into group (to the right of exit where next Sun Eater spawns). Or the speedrun method, where each tank taunts his own Flesh Renderer and brutes, tab targets them and keeps bashing to interrupt scream untill both of them are dead. Next wave, group focuses Sun Eater, Shaman and 2-hander with Off Tank while Main tank taunts Flesh renderer, Archer and drags them away where next Sun Eater spawns (LOS kite archer to move into right spot). Main Tank taunts 2x Sword’n’Shield, leave Sun Eater alone and taunt Archer. Off tank taunts Sun Eater and kites him to stack on Archer for mass AOE burn. This warm up pull is rather simple in theory and execution.

Each big cat will “focus” one of players (random) and chase them. During that they cant be taunted (but pierce them anyway for debuff). Chased person have large blue pillar of light on them. If they get caught…. its 1-shot KO even for tanks. Its good to focus one cat at a time, the faster it dies, the sooner 1 of chased people can join to kill the second cat. The adds spawn is triggered by pulling lever and mobs come in waves. We start here with left side. First is 2x Archer, Sun Eater and 2-hander. Main tank pulls Archers away a little just so they stack and can be both pointed away from group, but keep them close enough to Sun Eater for cleave damage. Keep distance from Off Tank 2-hander to avoid armor shatter.

Next Wave, 2x Sword’n’Shield, 2x Sun Eater, 1x 2-hander. Its good to pull Sword’n’Boards out of group to not burst damage everyone (deadly combo: Sun Eaters Eclipse Feild + 2x S’n’B shield spin AOE). With Sun Eaters dying off bring everything back to where it begun for AOE stacking. Last left side pack comes in two waves. Archer and 2x Sword’n’Shield (all that Main tank takes care off) and later Sun Eater and 2-hander. Turn archer away from group and pull Sword’n’Boards together. Its generally good to save DPS ulti for stacks like that, ulti bomb double Sun Eater etc. Right side now, first Sword’n’Shield + Archer, pull them slightly away just to get group out of arrow spray but keep them close to Sun Eater for AOE cleave. Off tank takes care of 2-hander.

2x Sword’n’Shield, 2x Archer, 1x Sun Eater. LOS stacking Archers by Main tank is difficult there because Brazier blocks LOS and makes Archer do weird things. Its good when both Main and Off tank coordinate, like Main takes the Archer closer to entrance and 2x S’n’B while Off Tank takes the Archer closer to exit and pulls it quickly to the other one. Last Wave, 2-hander, 3x Archer, 1x S’n’B, Sun Eater. If you quickly taunt first Archer and Sword and Board and then reapply taunt on 1st Archer while taunting 2nd and 3rd one and then… …very quickly move away from stack there is high chance for stacking all 3 archers together. If not coordinate with Off Tank to stack the one close to exit. Brazier blocked LOS for archer and made him move into weird place. Keep an eye for things like that. Last trash in trial. Quite intense with Suicide Cats jumping off walls.

You want to stay a little closer to group/heals/aoe dots so when cat reaches you it will die before exploding. Taunc Archer first and Sword’n’Board. LOS kite archer to about 3rd pillar height from entrance (where next Sun Eater spawns). Off Tank brings 2-hander. Consult with your Off Tank if he wants to take both 2-handers (they can hit like a truck) or they want you to take one of them. Regardless, taunt Archer and run to the corner behind 1st pillar LOS kiting archer near to the 2nd Sun Eater. Perfectly we want archer stack on 2nd Sun Eater.

In video you can see me going too far and hiding behind pillar which caused Archer to move left and break the stack (avoid that). Last pull. Begins with Archer, Sword’n’Board in middle, Sun Eater on left and Archer at the back. Grab all 4 of them and run all the way to the exit door. This should make both Archers and second Sun Eater stack together while group kills 1st Sun Eater and Off Tank handles 2-hander.

Group focuses remaing Sun Eater while he is stacker more or less on archers. Keep archers pointed away from group and Talon spawning cats. There is a LOT of stray damage here, Off Tank will probably keep 2-hander away from you for a while (no armor shatter) and bring him when Sun Eater will be close to death..

As found on Youtube