Tank should taunt boss right in the middle to maximise DPS and retreat to gold pad when boss stops moving. Gold pad protects tank from many attacks of Rakkath. Only and only tank should stay in it. Buff works only for one person. If tank will lose it he will get insta gibbed even with block. Boss frontal attacks are cleave. Group (and off tank too) should stay behind boss.

Minigun phase. Heavy damage. The more people it hits the more damage done. Heavy heals on tank + Absorb Magicka. Pad switch phase. Boss turns pad black. Tank must move to next pad. DPS usually stay with boss to maximise damage. Hulk miniboss. His attack break armor. First will weaken it, second will shatter it. Third attack is insta gib for tank. Off tank holds Hulk until his armor is broken. When it happens main tank taunts hulk to take on himself the first armor shatter. Which usually happens during pad switch. Communication required. Extremely important to interrupt boss and prevent hulk empowerment Boss attacks often knock player back. Tank needs to watch out to not fall off the pad. Preventing group being hit with minigun is priority. If nessesary tank can step away from gold pad but must be quick to return there. Meteor attack. AOE on random people including tank. Each next meteor that hit you in a row will do more damage.

Need to move around to miss at least every 2nd meteor. Hulk cycle repeats itself every 2 pads starting from 3rd. In execute phase that starts at 10% tank should debuff boss. On 5th pad Hulk spawns that needs to be aggroed and interrupted. Communication required in case armor gets broken..

As found on Youtube