Whole fight is focused around “opposite colours” mechanic. Players are split into two equal groups and placed on two halves of the room (the candles in middle is border). Initial boss pull. Initial colour assignment and tanks swap bosses. Light boss should be tanked in middle of the half of room (not middle of room) faced away from group (cleave damage). Boss and adds have beam attack that immobilises player. Other must interrupt them (Inhale helps a lot). Random 3 people in each group will have colours changed. They switch sides. Tank is immune. Prayer phase. Bosses will teleport to random sides. If boss that lands on your side is same colour as yours you must switch side (run clockwise along wall).

Tanks swap bosses. Blue boss must be held close to wall, faced away from group (cleave damage). So the negates always land on tank. Tank must dodge roll out of them ASAP(one roll usually is enough.) Adds should be chained or at least taunted. Tank must be careful to not let boss see other players because its a risk of badly placed negate. Prayer phase again. If boss that lands next to you is opposite of your colour you just stay there.

Boss swap again. Gold adds should be taunted even from across the room. Even if you are dead you still have colour. If you res in bad moment and you are on wrong side you risk dying again or exploding other group member (if they have opposite colour)..

As found on Youtube