The plan is simple. Don’t get caught and slaughtered. One of the tanks stays in the room with Ozara and Warpriest (Sword and Board enemy). Your own task on the other hand is quite different. You will take Archer, Troll and Overcharger for a walk. Retaunt them here while crossing the gate. If green totem won’t get killed, overcharger won’t lave room. Its goo do thave a Magma armor ready in here while you still taunt mobs and kite out of room. Once you know that all three of them are taunted and left room you can start walking back to already cleared areas.

You will be all alone here. Just vigor wont be enough for self heals. Green dragon blood spam at low HP + Vitality potion is strong combo in here. The important part is to keep running. Not sprinting, not block walking. When you see Overcharge coming on you, roll dodge once to shake it off. Back to “not sprinting” – if you run too fast, there is risk that all three monsters will reset and run back to boss. How long do you run? Untill boss is dead. If you maintain communication with group, they will tell you when its low on HP so you can start coming back sooner and still get loot. Notice how after first few turns you don’t have to taunt them anymore.

Also, as long as you LOS the troll (can’t aim poison and rock) and roll dodge Overcharge, there wont be any damage. *yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn* Walk in the park. Hello Mr. Dead Troll I ran way too far, no loot for me. Should have turn back somewhere around bridge but wasnt sure of group situation. Magma armour for roundabout and change of direction. From here you can just sprint back to group. Even if adds reset, boss will be dead by the time they make it to the room. And boss is dead. Furniture plan plx. Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? No loot :(.

As found on Youtube