Your job as Off Tank will be keeping Manticoras and Lamias away from main group. You begin fight normally with rest of group. Stack on boss for world shaper so ball lands centrally on him and dodge the AOE. If Lamias are killed they explode for massive damage, we avoid killing them. Mantis have frontal cleave and enormous AOE stomp. During first poison phase Lamias will spawn. Stay with group untill poison is gone (for tasty heals). First crawls out of bushes. Second comes down from stairs. Taunt both of them and take away from group.

Your tanking spot will be almost by the entrance stairs. Make sure lamias dont come back while you kite them away. Generally just like with Axes, after dealing enough of damage to Lamias you can stop taunting them. Remember that you are all alone in here. Keep your HOTS up, have dragon blood ready just in case. In rare cases if you really cant keep yourself up (or the fight drags out due to low DPS) you might ask for a healers assistance. Poison phase comes up and you need to survive it. Before it happens be at full HP.

Have lot of magicka avaliable and potion ready. Buff up with Hardened Armor and Dragon Blood (healing boost). After that Igneous Shield, Vigor, GDB for burst heal and if everything else fails, Magma Shell (because your horn wont reach group anyway). Manticora spawn. Range taunt it ASAP and bring far away from group. This will prevent manti stomp from reaching others. While tanking manti we will be doing a little “dance”. Basically constantly moving around manti. This will make it “confused” it some of it attacks will not fire off/get LOSed by lamias.

Another poison phase, this time with more damage incoming because of Manti attacks. Have Magma Shell ready. This is the Stomp attack. You can see that right from where i am the AOE does not reach group. Mgicka Bomb. Just spam igneous shield untill you are out of magicka but keep an eye for magicka bar. When you use enough of magicka you will see a burst magicka return that means Magicka Bomb was defused. Dont waste that mana. Look at this. Lamias are right in front of Manti, im constantly moving. It tries to attack me but gets blocked by Lamias/i go out of range. This is The Dance. Another Manticore Spawns. Getting crowded in here. Taunt it and keep in place. It should die soon on its own… After this poison phase comes “Bubble” phase. Boss will do room wide AOE that kills anyone without special pink shield (picked up where boss is). As an Off Tank you are way too far to reach bubble. All you can do to help group is to pop on Rapid Manouvers and sprint back to boss so they have shorter route to res you.

Someone will come… eventually… Pay attention to surroundings. You dont want to res right into poison phase or you will die straight away without heals. Lamias again, cycle repeats. Take Lamias away, wait for Manti, survive Poison phase..

As found on Youtube