Offtank will use Guard on Main Tank to take away part of his damage. It’s safety net. Better safe than sorry with large amount of stray damage going on. Try to stay together with group behind boss. You can take hits from cleave but no point for you to get hit by it or the gun attack. When there is “nothing” to do help with heals using vigor, give shield with igneous shield, increase uptime on low slashes. Main task of off tank here is to intercept hulks. Their heavy smashes will first weaken your armor then shatter it completely. Third attack will one shot you. When hulk curls up you MUST interrupt him. His roar will CC everyone around leaving blockless and vulnerable to damage. The gold pad is Main Tank domain, the protection buff is critical for him but you are allowed to step on pad (given the main tank was there first and holds buff).

Depending on group AoE DPS either the hulk will be focused or the boss. In both scenarios its good to keep hulk close to boss so they get both damaged by AoE. Armor Severely Damaged. At this point you should communicate to main tank to take over hulk and take on him next smash. Notice my mistake here. Off tank should always interrupt hulk. Even if he is not taunting him atm. Main tank must go ahead to assume position on new gold pad and hulk may stay behind. Main tank got smashed, time to take hulk back. Hulk should die somewhere after going to next pad. Back to group support (vigor, shield, slashes, orbs). Unstable Void, growing AoE on your feet. It’s a time bomb. Explosion in middle of group does large damage to other players. Remember to stay in range of the guard so it does not get severed while moving around.

Another Hulk spawns, the cycle repeats. Execute phase. All minor pads go black. Pay attention and try to notice a glowing orb on pad 1 (or its glimpse on camera). These orbs tether to the boss giving him resistance to damage. Depending on leader call you might need to run into dark pad and pick up the orb cancelling boss buff (and getting curse in result). If you were cursed before (which should really not happen) you can roll into the orb to grab it as a last thing before death. The orbs spawn pad by pad and usually should stop at pad 4 (boss dies). Off tank is usually tasked to take 4th or 5th pad orb right where he will tank Hulk. Interrupt him, keep away from group, if your armor gets completely broken call out to main tank or kite hulk (depends on boss HP)..

As found on Youtube