Quest begins in The Rift. Either go there on your own or have friend port you there. We are starting in area called Pinepeak Caverns. Quest giver Netapatuu. These quest do not have any previous requirements, the toon im making them on has 0 progress in EP and DC. It takes about 15-30 minutes to finish this short chain of quests. Starting with “Tomb Beneath the Mountain”. Storyline continues, next quest “To Taarengrav”/”The Shackled Guardian”. Heading to Taarengrav. Questgiver Narir. It tells you to gather notes and free people. These objectives are shared with group members (group friendly quest). Oh, oh, puzzle time. You can either read notes and figure it out or intimidate (fighters guild passive) NPC to tell you answer. The aim is to enter 3 almost same lokoing doors in same looking rooms in correct sequence. Hint at the very bottom of vid description (to avoid spoilers). Next quest “To Honrich Tower”/”Shattered Hopes”. Quest giver is Valdur. Optional persuade (mages guild passive) to gain an NPC companion. Quest objective to close portals is again group friendly.

Can split to make it faster. Good choice/bad choice. One of them makes progress faster (gate opens right here and now). The other one is longer (i picked it >.<). All done, Wormsquasher achievement unlocked. Given you have also “A friend in need” quest completed (guide in my other videos) you can follow to next step. And thats how you get your “Firelogs, Flaming”/interactive.

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